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microsoft india blogstarMicrosoft launched the “Microsoft BlogStars” contest recently. The idea is simple, get a blog and post content related to Microsoft products/technologies.

Microsoft presents the “Microsoft BlogStars” contest – hunt for the best developer bloggers in India.

Create greater impact in the vibrant developer blogger community, showcase your thoughts and experiences around Microsoft technologies and technology in general.

Register for the contest, start BLOGGING! and be the first ever Microsoft Blogstars!

The registration is a 2 minute process, provided you remember the password of your old hotmail account or you have a new Windows Live ID. After which you are supposed to submit your profile and blog, which will be checked and if approved will be enlisted in the Microsoft Blogstar Contest Blog-roll.

The Panel of Judges comprises of:

  1. Praveen Srivatsa
    Principal Consultant,
  2. Venkatarangan TNC
    CMD – Vishwak Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  3. Sanjay Shetty
    CEO – Wireless Strategist &
    Consultants (I) Pvt. Ltd.

The judging process is not very complicated. Every fortnight, the Judges will be going thro’ the blogs in the contest and showcase a “Top 10 Bloggers of the Fortnight”. At the end of 8 weeks the top 20 Bloggers will be anounced.

Whats in for you?

1) Your Blog will get huge popularity and will recieve a huge traffic influx (At least I assume the credebility of the event is enough to drive good traffic)

2) The top 20 Blogstars will meet Tarun Gulati, General Manager – Developer and Platform Evangelism, Microsoft India.

3) These top 20 will form the first ever MBLC (Microsoft Blogging Leadership Cell).

4) The killer: The top five BlogStars get to meet one of the top most executives at Microsoft. At present the name is kept as a surprise/secret. A 30 minute conversation with a high profile guy, thats interesting.

The good part of the competition is that new bloggers and existing bloggers will be evaluated equally, based on their passion for technology and community. The amount of content on your blog matters much less than quality of content on your blog.

Microsoft India BlogStar (Applicable to Indians only!)

Hat-tip: Rajesh Segu!

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3 Responses to “Microsoft India BlogStar”

  1. Have you guys applied????

  2. Hey Rajesh,
    Not yet. First oru microsoft post a potu then we are planning to apply. May be tomrw I will apply 🙂

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