Build Your Own Pseudo-FigRig.


The Fig Rig is nice accessory for budding short film makers. The Rig is designed to provide stability while using a handheld camera. If you’ve seenFig-Rig the continuous 90 minute takes in Figgis’s Timecode you know what prompted him to come up with this contraption. The Rig is pretty costly around $300-$400. But DIVXUSER has the right tutorial for you to make your own FigRig

The basic idea is clever since it allows one-handed operation for low angles like skateboarding or many two-handed tricks like swoops, quick pivots, dutch angles, “steadycam” follow shots, upside-down transitions, and whatever crazy stuff you can imagine.
You can attach lights, a mic, zoom/focus controller (vital!), and other things.

He used an old steering wheel, a piece of aluminum plate and a wooden dowel. It isn’t that pretty to look at, but it definitely didn’t cost him $300 and it works pretty well too. Notice how this one has the full handle under the plate like the original FigRig prototype. It allows for stability and extra control of the rig. Now, you don’t always have to put you hands on the sides.

DIY FigRig

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