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India’s IT gaints have done nothing to foster technological innovation. Although they have built multi-billion-dollar businesses by providing outsourced IT services, they haven’t really created new intellectual property. India’s much -touted prowess rests merely on labour arbitrage.

Having said that, it is true that India has the potential to become a technological innovation hotspot. It must be noted that, it won’t be the IT majors who make this happen, but startups. There is no surprise in this. The world over, startups play a larger-than-life-role in technological innovation, with no existing market to lose, they tend to take bigger risks.

The good news is that India is today on the cusp of significant change: There is a sudden profusion of technology startups around the country, and the supporting infrastructure is falling in place. With this in mind a dedicated team (Knowledge Foundation) is organizing PROTO. Proto is a platform for the networking of Venture Capitalists (VCs), enterprenuers, startups, companies, techies and definitely the media.

The idea is to combine the strengths of DEMO and BarCamp together. Ofcourse the event can’t take the form of an Unconference. Thank god for that :). Techies all around India can participate in this event, by submitting their proposed model, software, web 2.0 product or just about anything that relates to the software industry. After a base level screening for the originality and the credibility of the product, the person will be alloted a time slot to present his prototype in front of an audience consisting of entreprenuers/VCs, companies. This two day event is a good networking platform. Everyone is benifitted.

This event is still in the planning stage and should take a month or two to take shape. So hold your seats and work on your PROTO 🙂

You might be interested to know that Java,, krugle etc. were launched at Demo. If we even get a few good product launched at the Proto which revolutionize the Indian IT industry, I would be happy.

Update: Vijay Anand says, Proto and the team behind it is the future of India. I second 🙂

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11 Responses to “Proto – Demo your Product”

  1. Absolutely Sagaro. You said it right, and well 🙂

  2. Thanks maan! You and Syed have done a great job covering the progress.

  3. The momentum is catching up… now the task is to keep it going.. and only increasing 🙂

  4. AAAHHH GUN Ganesh is going big guns for PROTO. Great post buddy!

  5. Mmm Looks like in for another huge Event 😀

  6. Adrenalin pumping!! 😀

  7. Saragaro.. why dont you mail me the details of the progress and present team organizing the event. Hope I would be of some help…

  8. Hey Rajesh,
    Will pass it to you by tomrw morning. 🙂 I bet you can be a lot of help organizing it… 😀

  9. Rajesh,

    Shoot me an email at and I’ll bring you upto speed. We are going to need more folks very soon to help us out.


  10. interesting post

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