Gmail hacks: Multiple signatures/Attatchment icons/File space/mp3 music


Using this Greasemonkey script you can switch your Gmail signature based on the From address you select. It simply Combines choosing “From: address” and signature into 1 attatchment icons

Gmail with different attachment icons is another hack using Stylish firefox addon which lets you add attachment icons to your Gmail account (Well at least most of them). If you don’t have Stylish installed then no worries cauze you can do the same by just editing your userChrome.css file.
Install Greasemonkey in your firefox extension before trying out the above two scripts. I am not sure how useful these two hacks are and how imaginative people can be. But hey, just another thing to have fun with for the techies.

Gmail File Space (gspace), a FireFox extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (2.5 GB and growing) for file storage. It acts as a remote machine. You can transfer files between your hard drive and gmail. This is similar to “Gmail Drive” on windows platform. Your gmail account looks like a FTP host and you can upload and download your files. After you install, you get an option called “GSpace” in your “tools” menu clicking on which opens the window for transfer of folders/files. Works great for photos and music files less than 14MB.

gmail filespace
Get more info on how to install gSpace and use it here.

Now use the above mentioned gSpace and get some mp3 music into you gmail account. The messages containing the MP3’s show up in your inbox and you can spot a small link next to the files that say ‘play.’ Click on it and a little player will pop up and started playing the file.



On an unrelated topic, a hilarious goof up by gmail was when some users of Google Apps for Your Domain reported that their Gmail accounts have 15 GB of storage space. This was first spotted by Ronald Lewis who has a cool write up on the snafu. Nathan Weinberg also got this 15 GB space upgrade but only for a short time. The Gmail accounts were reset back to the plain old 2 GB in a short while after the goof up.

gmail 15 GB
For more Scoop on the 15 GB gmail Account (via)

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15 Responses to “Gmail hacks: Multiple signatures/Attatchment icons/File space/mp3 music”

  1. 1 Gyulus

    “Gmail with different attachment icons” is not a Greasemonkey script.

  2. You need to install Stylish for Gmail with different attachment icons.

  3. @Gyuylus and Srinivasan:
    Thank you. I stand corrected 🙂

  4. FYI: It seems that the blogosphere has lost scope of the Gmail 15GB snafu. For the record, I am the blogger who originally blogged about the snafu and did the footwork to get my story noticed — hence the circus of discussion in the blogosphere.

    Unfortunately, some things got lost in translation, while others benefited from my own work and story. Oh well.

    Cool writeup on the Firefox extensions. I’ll be back to read more. Thanks for mentioning the Gmail story

  5. @Ronald Lewis:
    I am really sorry for not giving you the due credit. I got the scoop from Nathan’s blog. I stand corrected. I have included your link 🙂

    Thank You

  6. this is gayer that heck knows what

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  8. 9 cathryne

    Here’s a script for the Greasemonkey Firefox add-on that allows you to use several HTML signatures in gmail:

  9. thank you for this useful information 😉

  10. gperfecto.. wonderfule :d

  11. The “Greasemonkey script” is really very helpful.

  12. 13 Tort King

    Gmail can’t be hacked. That’s b.s. My computer guy said it isn’t possible.

  1. 1 rlvpbybm
  2. 2 Tricked! Google Plays “Musical Chairs” with Inbox | Ronald Lewis Dot Com

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