Hacks into EPL – II


Textual description of a match is still to static in nature, especially for a sport like football and for those who share this opinion are the ones the Second edition of EPL Hacks is for. It deals with obtaining radio links and videos of matches online.


Radio Link – There are two ways of obtaining links. First is to subscribe to the Club’s package for the international fans where they provide weekly highlights, live Radio coverage during the game and few other incentives like player interviews, etc. The cost of subscription varies and on an average is about four pounds per season. This has nothing to do with the message board and is obtained from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the club.

An alternative is through the previously mentioned, message boards. In certain clubs, there is a free radio link available during the game even though the option of subscribing to the Club’s Radio station is also present. Many such links can be picked from the message boards, THIS is an example of one such link and once in the page, you only have to choose the banner of your club and the Radio broadcast is immediately made available.

However, most of the more popular clubs have found a way around this loophole and the live match broadcast of these clubs is made unavailable to you, under such circumstances, the final option is sports stations like 5live, which belongs to BBC and broadcasts all the big games, every weekend.


That is as far as Radio links are concerned. Videos are obviously the closest to the real thing and the best method to get videos is through MFF. The setup at Maxxed Football Forums, well known as MFF, is a big boon to football fans living anywhere in this world. MFF, is a site that accommodates selective discussion forums (one for the EPL, for La Liga, international football, etc.) and the main attribute of this site being , the generous cappers(recorders) who continue uploading different videos, ranging from live games to programs about football and self-knit football compilations/videos. To expand further, MFF offers to cap(record) every game shown in the television depending upon where the Capper lives, the popular requests and some personal requests as well, example if a number of people request for the forthcoming Manchester United versus Charlton match , then some capper will stand up to accept the request and will upload the game via torrent. MMF itself is a very interesting concept as it works by principle to satisfy public demand.

Usually, the activity in MFF is top notch as the cappers upload all the good programs shown in top sports channels like SKY sports, FOX, BBC, etc. One can also find interesting and rare programs about Football history, Club Specials, highlights package of the weekend’s action, Classic encounters of the past, Special tribute programs and so on.

If your team is in action soon and the game has been selected by some television network, all that is required by you is to start a thread in the REQUEST VIDEO room and request someone to cap the game, often you get a positive reply.

The downloads tend to be jus a bit heavy on the memory as a full game can even come up to 700 or 800 MB. However there is so much variety available to choose from and not only can onend videos, it is also possible to have a great time getting to know new people and talking football.

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