Convert online YouTube videos with Zamzar


Zamzar, the popular online conversion tool now provides support for converting YouTube videos. You can now do the following with Zamzar:

1. Browse to a URL and convert files
2. Have Zamzar integrated to your favourite browser
3. Convert videos from sites, for example YouTube.

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11 Responses to “Convert online YouTube videos with Zamzar”

  1. 1 roger

    how to use Zamzar was widely described by q week ago…

  2. I checked out their website. Thanks for the info Roger.

  3. 3 Aleksei N

    This is really useful thanks!

  4. 4 Andy

    Thanks Aleksei.

  5. i wana hack of yahoo or hotmail id plz tell me simple way of hack plz plz plz thx

  6. 6 eaeffie

    STOP downloading YouTube Videos

    until u read this

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    * Orbit
    * Xilisoft
    * VDownloader
    * TubeSucker
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  7. 7 raj

    i have uploaded a video in wmv format on and i want it to convert into 3gp format. the process was successful, after downloading the converted file, when i choose to play the file there is no sound at all……….on the other hand the sound in the file with wmv format is excellent…………….

    this is a big problem………..

    plz tell me the reason ……………!!!!

  8. thanks alkesi

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