Firefox 2.0 is out!


After months of waiting, it’s finally here! Firefox 2.0 – get it now

As for changes, at first glance it’s got a whole new glossier (web 2.0-ish?) look. The main change that I noticed over the previous version is that many features like the tab manager and session restore which were available as extensions earlier are now defaault items. There is a new phishing filter and the new version claims to provide better security and safer browsing.

Another thing I noticed (and was thankful for) was that everything is now more polished, with text not going beyond the box width and buttons not overlapping on one another in options screens. An excellent addon is the spell checker, that checks spelling rel time as you type into any text box – real neat! Google and Yahoo searches in the search box come with a Suggest option and there is now a search engine manager.

Unlike other reports that I’ve seen elsewhere, I don’t think there’s any big change in the startup time or memory usage, but the new version does seem to be far more stable than before, crashing less often. Unfortunately, some of my favourite extensions and themes don’t work with version 2.0, but we can hope that their developers will soon upgrade.

The new link buttons for Firefox 2.0 also look pretty cool

Definitely worth the upgrade, it’s a better Firefox – our favourite web browser.

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