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One of the most unused feature of Apple Mac OS X is the application for internet sharing that is found in System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing.  This is easy to set up, doing so would allow you to share wireless wifi connection to be shared with the other systems in your vicinity. This […]

Graceful Flavour has linked to a gadget, one of those whacky ones you can use when you are doing your thing in a toilet. It’s a paper roll designed to play the songs from your Ipod. This bizarre gadget has the following features: • 4 Integrated high performance moisture-free speakers deliver exceptional clarity and high […]

Do you use Itunes to transfer music to your Ipod from your laptop or desktop computer? Are you tired of the functionality limits of that piece of software? Have you always wished for other workarounds? Tired of iTunes? Adam Pash of the highly popular LifeHacker blog has a post on how you can transfer music […]

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BBC signs deal with YouTube to host content.  Continue reading…  Apple and Cisco agree to share ‘iPhone’ name.  Continue reading…

Apple and Cisco may decide to bury the hatchet over alleged copyright violations ending what could have been a very expensive and hard fought legal battle. Cisco filed a suit against the Ipod maker alleging that Apple copied “Iphone,” the name of Cisco’s trademark product line for their new phone that was launched at CES […]

Mac lovers rejoice. Apple, makers of the iconic Ipod and the Mac operting systems have launched is going to lauch the new OS Leopard (OS X 10.5), iLife 2007 and iWork 2007 along with updated Mac Pros. Apple Recon, a blog dedicated to news on Apple, reported to read more on the news  based on information […]