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Project Giveaway fo the Day is a new initiative to distribute some really cool and best softwares. What is the big deal? Unlike other sites which let you download a trial or limited demo, Giveaway of the Day provides you with the whole product. Everyday, one software title gets nominated. This software is available to […]

Age of Empires II FAQ The most comprehensive FAQ I have ever seen for Age of Empires II: Age of Kings and the Conquerors Expansion. It’s a one stop reference to all you’ve wanted to know about the gameplay and game information. Really helpful in deciding you strategy. Sure, this is pretty old news, but […]

Emulator Zone has got a whole lot of links and downloads for probably every Videogame console that you’ve heard of. There are different emulators available for each console and they’ve all been reviewed and rated. I tried out the Gameboy Advance emulator, Visual Boy Advance. It’s very simple to install and use, and with excellent […]

  Internet Scrabble Club is by far the biggest online scrabble community, bringing together players of all ages, nationality and skill. To play, you need to register yourself on the site, download their program and you're ready to play. The program is available for Windows, Linux and Mac users. It runs on Java Virtual Machine […]

A nice read on the most pressing issues concerning gamers and the gaming industry. It discusses the shortfalls of games today and ideas that game developers need to look into in future. A Gamer's Manifesto

E3 2006


The biggest commercial Videogame exhibition, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2006 just concluded today. E3 is the place where companies showcase their latest products, gadgets, videogames and ideas for the future. You can check out the latest news at their official website.  For a brief snapshot of the main developments at E3, check out E3 2006 […]



FIFA 06 the latest installment of the series to hit the stores – and it rocks!!! For those of you who loved the earlier releases, you just can’t miss this one. EA Sports has done a complete overhaul and you can notice the difference right from when you start the game, with the new look […]