Free DIY eBook


Project Gutenberg offers 2 free ebooks for the geek in you. “Things to Make” – by Archibald Williams and “The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1” – by popular Mechnics.

boymech thingsmake

Both books provide many interesting projects including carpentry, fitting, machinery, planes, gliders, steam engines and a lot more with neat explaination and diagrams/sketchs to help you. They introduce you to a lot of hacks and mods in day to day life. Though the books were published in the 1910s and 1920s, it still makes for an interesting read. And mods will be mods, thats something that the book will make you realize.

The site offers you PDF, text as well as DOC format. Two of the best books you can download for free, for your holiday projects.

Things to Make

The Boy Mechanic

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