Give away of the Day



Project Giveaway fo the Day is a new initiative to distribute some really cool and best softwares. What is the big deal? Unlike other sites which let you download a trial or limited demo, Giveaway of the Day provides you with the whole product. Everyday, one software title gets nominated. This software is available to download for the whole 24 hour period. Once you download it and install it, use an activation key (provided during download) before the 24 hour time limit and you have the licensed full version registered copy of the software legally.

Now since this initiative is gaining popularity, some really hot softwares are being given away. So watch that space for something really cool might pop out.

Also Giveaway of the day, gives away one game everyday. Nope, CS is not yet being given away. But you never know, someday even that might happen.

So go grab your giveaway of the day!

9 Responses to “Give away of the Day”

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