Age of Empires II FAQ


Age of Empires II FAQ
The most comprehensive FAQ I have ever seen for Age of Empires II: Age of Kings and the Conquerors Expansion. It’s a one stop reference to all you’ve wanted to know about the gameplay and game information. Really helpful in deciding you strategy.

Sure, this is pretty old news, but hey, there are still so many of us crazy about this game, probably the best real-time strategy game of it’s time.

9 Responses to “Age of Empires II FAQ”

  1. yep, ive been playin this for bout 3 years now and i still didnt get enough, and if anybody is wondering how to play online since they closed down the zone…just get gamespy or go to this IS the best stradegy game ever made, it even beats age of empires 3!

  2. 2 megan

    hi i was wondering how you can play it well anyways

  3. hey uhmm how do yuo play online get back to me add my myspace or email yea cuz i wannt to get back online nd play again so yea gimme a shout!

  4. I like the game too much. I played it for about 5 years, but was not able to get a good grip. Because I was playing with the comps. Play it online and you enjoy it too much.

  5. this is my favorite game

  6. 6 ckaorama

    I need to know how to hack it

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