Jaxtr – The Next Big Thing


How many of us have wished, that we get rid of the stupid old headphones and mics and wished that we speak to our friends abroad/local in the good old telephone, yet with minimal call charges? Well, the solution is here, Jaxtr.

Jaxtr was developed primarily for bringing your phone into your social networks. How does it work? Simple, create a Jaxtr account and you get a personalized widget, that you can post anywhere. Next if some one wishes to call you then all they have to do is enter their telephone number. Jaxtr will then call the first person first and then connect him to your phone (which you have configured in your Jaxtr account), thus your phone number remains private, yet at the same time both you and your friend can speak normally over telephone sans headphones, mics and for that matter the internet.

Chuck minimal charges, it is absolutely FREE. It can be thought of like a simple three way call initiated by Jaxtr so you don’t have to pay.

A few things I personally feel will make Jaxtr even better:

  • SMS capabilities, the widget says send text, where as the message comes to you as an email, if SMS is made possible then nothing like it.
  • Jax points, there is only one way to gain more Jax points, and that is by helping them spread the word, this might be a beautiful business strategy which might increase their popularity, but then it would be ideal if they introduce more means of earning Jax points. They however offer 100 Jax points at the start of every month.

Jaxtr – Get Calling

20 Responses to “Jaxtr – The Next Big Thing”

  1. 1 Rk

    The friend invites are not going through (its more than half an hour now).
    If it is absolutely free, what are jax points ? It is mentioned for my number that 7 jax per minute..whats that ?
    Also it is mentioned , unlimited calls to all jax users …that means they need not be friends is it ? Then how do I call other jax person ..I am going to other jax user’s url but not seeing anything (i think there is an youtube video which for hte moment is not working on my browser).

    Looks promising though. But why would they offer totally free calls is one doubt ..could not get to see any FAQ or how it works stuff.

  2. 2 Akshay

    jaxtr doesnt work in india now da, they have blocked!

  3. 3 Edward Miller

    I need a wireless data collection tool that will enable me to make custom forms on my Blackberry or Motorola phone. The form need to support drop down menus, check boxes, GPS, bar coding and photo capture. Does anyone know of a product or service that can support wireless data collection like this?

  4. 4 Denis Goldstein

    I have been working in construction industry for about 3 years and we found a solution that does this. We use it for wireless bar code reading and GPS tracking. The best part is we can customize the forms on-the-fly which saves us a lot of time over a customized solution. The company that makes the product is Westlake out of LA I think. There website is http://www.westlakesoftware.com. Their product is call AirMobility.net. They made a custom Extranet for us for our company to use but their main product site is http://www.airmobility.net. We found this service set up to make it pretty easy for us to migrate the information to our back office system. We use the technology and route it to 40 different servers nationally; has worked flawlessly for about three years. I am note sure if this will match your exact needs but it is what we have been using and it has been working pretty well for us.
    Denis Goldstein, IT

  5. 5 saloni

    does jaxtr work in india??????????

  6. 6 Megan

    Jaxtr is up and running in India and is working on sending jaxtr texts directly to phones as SMS and will soon roll out a way to purchase more jax–thanks for your patience 🙂

  7. the calls r goign to voicemails in india and london.. doesd this thing work or nt ?? is it some kinda joke dude??

  8. 8 Sreeker

    HI guys,

    I’m in Canada and I would like to use jaxtr to call my friends in India.

    I have created account here by added my phone number to that account by verifying. and same thing my friend did from Inida.

    But when i try to call him, it displays me some different number to call him from phone number, when i dial the number, it says it trying to connect and then it goes to voice mail always.

    I would like to know how does this works out.

    please help me in this.

  9. 9 yoho

    if you are using dial up, can you use your phone & the internet at the same time?

  10. 10 SK

    Jaxtr calls to India go to voice mail only….this is as of today. Wonder when they will make this available in India..!!

  11. 11 george007

    jaxtr can be used in india…i use it too n it works gr8…u just have to tell ur family or friends in india to refresh the page which they login to jaxtr so that every month they will get there free 16 minutes. And calls r going to voicmail in india just b sure if there minutes r finised or just check ur’s n ur friends jaxtr login page that make sure u have not clicked on the Privacy shields….hope this is help u guys.

  12. 12 Rock Jaxtr

    Calls does not go on the voice mail to india,infact you can speak to the person
    just ask your friend to uncheck the privacy shield check box on his home paage under the call control and also set the “send calls to” his number.
    this should work staight out.

  13. 13 amir

    I am trying to call my friend in london from my mobile phone from Algeria using the number gave by jaxtr 1-204-xxxxxxxx, it is not working, the op0rator doesn’t allow those calls. What shall i do if i am in algeria to reach other friends inside or ouside algeria? thanks


  14. 14 Amir Omerani

    I am trying to call my friend in the UK from Morocco, i tried to call the number given to me by jaxtr 1-420-xxxx, it doesn’t work (such numbers are not working in Morocco). What shall i do to make it work?

  15. 15 george007

    hi amir the number given by jaxtr 1-420-xxxx will not work coz those are United States numbers…as long it is not a local number for you…it will cost you a lot…
    now a dayss jaxtr is only giving US numbers.

  16. 16 najam

    hi to all jaxtr is great totally free but the problem is when i want to verify a number the message come that we can not verify it at the moment due to security reason how can i solve this problem plz help me

  17. 17 india jaxtr

    dear friends,

    I am still not able to figure out, how to make call to numbers in india?

    Can we use Skype and Jaxtr in combination to make a call, pc to phone calls to indian freinds.

    but problem is number that jaxtr have given me is US based number, so how can my indian freinds call me, only possibility is they call me through skype (.021 dollars) to us from skype … comes to one rupeess?

    its getting confused, i gues widget should be renamed as ‘incomming widget’

  18. 18 Jaxtr CRACK - Ultimate

    You can crack jaxtr to make free calls to anyone!!!!!!

    The other person need not be a jaxtr user!!!!!!
    Ultimately hacked…..

    Follow the instructions:
    1. Verify your phone no.
    2. Use “receive calls from any one”
    3. Click the WIDGETS tab.
    4. In the widget window, click “Add as a friend”
    5. If asked, enter username and password.
    6. You will recieve a message “xxx, you have added xxx as your friend” . Click OK

    7. Click call me.
    Select “enter another number”

    8. Enter the number and wait for the call to come the the phone you have verified.

    Enjoy talking, even more free!!!!!!!!

    I will soon publish a crack to overcome this……?

    For more, contact me at dotmatrix007@gmail.com.

  19. yes dear firend, jahn you’re right

  20. interesting

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