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The way we share data on the internet has changed a lot and many online storage mediums sprouted up in the past few year. Of all the most popular one is undoubtedly Rapidshare and it is a great repository of information. The basic service is free to use and people started using it for storing all kinds of data mainly movies, music and other media types. One basic feature which is basically lacking in Rapid share is the search option and it was made intentionally for certain purposes. But still there are two basic methods to perform Rapidshare Search, one is the Google kind of search and the other is a much proper search and it is found to be more effective.

Ghacks has come up a nice list of the Rapid share search engines and has also made a comparison between those engines. So next time if you are tired of finding the download link for your favorite movie then do Search Rapidshare. Also do check out the various ways of hacking the time limit in rapid share because it is the only irritating thing when you use a free account.

12 Responses to “Rapidshare Search”

  1. Have you tried rapidzilla.net?

  2. great post.. very interesting
    THANKS 😀

  3. 3 arie

    its very very help me, thank a lot

    try this
    for computer tips go to

  4. New rapidshare search engineer http://www.rapidsharedata.com
    Total Files:4113071
    only list active file links in search result

  5. Search files on Rapidshare, Megaupload, Yousendit, Badongo and other file hosting websites very easy on http://www.SearchFiles.de

    And you can download a Browser Plugin as well. It’s so easy when you know it…

  6. 6 Kherson

    http://totme.com is the world’s best Rapidshare Search Engine.. If you dont believe me, try it..

  7. 7 bluray

    I use http://www.shufs.com it has a clean and simple look with less ads and you can also search badongo, mediafire and other file sharing services.

  8. 8 konrad

    most rapidshare search engine these days really suck, because of the ads and pure qualtiy. http://www.checkedsearch.com has almost no ads and has the unique feature, that it checks the rapidshare links of the sites, which it shows (discarding bad results, as you see them).

  9. 9 qtel

    New Rapidshare Search Engine With a lot of Rapidshare.com links.


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