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Here’s a cool analysis of the ICICI mobile banking application. It’s a long post, but a good read. Go here to read it.

Students at Cornell University were given the responsibility of choosing, designing and building a microcontroller project,. This year’s projects include laser pong, air guitar, an evolving neural robot, and a USB host controller. During the last 5 weeks of the semester in ECE476, Microcontroller Design, students have to combine sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, and mathematical […]

If you are planning to start a new website/blog or a online firm then the first thing which you should concentrate is the web hosting part. There are certain criteria which should be looked upon when selecting your host and on the top of the list should be the uptime. It should be close to […]

One of the basic requirements to run a successful website is to have a good web host. You should not disappoint your users any day with a server error or out of bandwidth notice. Each and every visitor which your blog or web site gets should be considered as a treasure and the web masters […]

Josiah Cole has some useful tips on the kind of bloopers webmasters can avoid on their blogs or websites. Sample this If your website does not work in Firefox, welcome to 2007 DUMBASS. Yes in most markets Firefox only commands at most a 10-15% market share, but for some sites it’s much higher (my other […]

The examples below are for beginners in C/C++ with some basic knowledge of the windows – API. 1. Global hook Hook: A hook is a point in the system message-handling mechanism where an application can install a subroutine to monitor the message traffic in the system and process certain types of messages before they reach […]

You all know or should know that there are SEVERAL ways to do something, they all might be right.I’m going to show you the most simple but most rewarding also (in my opinion) way to get access to ftps.You start with downloading DC++ from google. For all of you who don’t know what DC++ is […]

Following the events where Kathy Sierra, a popular geek blogger had to cancel conference visits because of the death threats that were issued to her, things have come to a head. Chris Locke a.k.a Rageboy, the person behind the forum where the threats supposedly originated and Kathy Sierra issued a joint statement on CNN last […]

All you will need is a c compiler and your set. Here we go 😛 #include <time.h> This header enables the use of many functions to do with time, one of which is the clock_t function. We’ll delve into the clock_t function a bit later. #include <stdio.h> The <stdio.h> header lets use use about 60 […]

Mobile Monday Chennai happened today at IIT Madras. The meet was scheduled for 3 hours starting at 10 am. However, since the venue was practically not accessible for it was hidden in between a forest without any sign-board to help the participants, the event got delayed by half an hour waiting for folks to come. […]