Become A pro Podcaster: part 2


Now that we have introduced you to the basic requirements to become a podcaster in the first part. We now go into the details of recording your podcasts. This can be done off the computer or by using the computer.

Recording Off the computer:

There are times when you want to record your music band’s composition or your conference lectures which you may want to podcast. The simplest thing is to get hold of a silicon based digital music player which comes with a voice recording option. This device usually records audio in MP3 or WAV format which can later be transferred to your computer for editing.

By Using the Computer:

recording. Firstly it has a superior quality secondly recording in a silentRecording voice using a computer has many more advantages over music player room can greatly reduce the ambient noise levels. To do the recording over a computer a basic recording software is required. While the voice recorder provide by windows may at times suffice, it would be better if you used some better software such as Audacity which also allows stereo recording (in case you are using more than one mic). use of a sampling rate of 44100Hz and a default sample format of 16 bit is good recording practise.

At times you might want to conduct and record a podcast interview with someone else living abroad. In such cases we suggest that you use Messengers such as Gizmo or Skype, which have an option by which you can record your conversations into a wav file. In all the above cases a few things have to be done which will help you during the edit stage:

  • Always record the ambient noise. That is record a few minutes of silence, this will help you filterout ambient noise during edit stage.
  • In case you are recording using a stand mic make sure that your mic does not pickup feedback from the speakers.
  • Make sure that the recording device is placed at the center in case of an interview, and in any case is always away from other external noise sources.
  • Make sure that all your computer speakers are turned off and try to use headphones whenever possible.
  • Try to use written scripts as and when possible.
  • Do not run background music during record time. If at all a BGM is to be added this can de done separately while editing.

Await Part 3 to lear Podcasting edits.

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