Google Wordmasters Challenge – Where are the Results?


N+1th Update: I spoke with googler Sudhir and he pointed me to their press release. So there you go the results were true and so it all ends here. But I do have a few questions in mind. The press Release was at 4:44 pm, how come Aloo Techie knew it at 3:31 pm itself? Was there some kinda leak? Will Google publish the winning entries? Why the sad snail mail system? Why was the result delayed? Is there any credibility to the judging procedure or was it just a hurried process? Sudhir couldn’t help me with these questions cauze he was not a part of the Wordmasters team.


nth UPDATE: The below excerpt from aloo techie might turn out to be a hoax. Check the comment section where Ranjani S enlightens us with her telephonic conversation with Google India office where they inform her that the results may be out only on 13th or 14th of this month…


Punny just broke the news:

finally! they are out folks…
Vamsi Krishna Nakkina wins Google Wordmasters creative writing contest
When: 11/9/2006 3:31:31 PM
By Rajesh Barnwal

Vamsi Krishna Nakkina from Hyderabad has won the Google Wordmasters 2006 creative writing contest designed to identify and celebrate India’s top English writing talent.

As a reward, Nakkina will receive a creative writing course from a reputed university abroad and a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, Google India has said.

Karunguzhi Nalini from Bangalore and Amrita Singh from Delhi have been judged as second and third runners-up. They will receive a cash prize of Rs 75,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively.

The other winners are Shriganesh Joshi (Mumbai), Shyamalima Sengupta (Bangalore), Ravi Rao (Mumbai), Tulika Srimal (Hyderabad), Debdutta Saha (Hyderabad), Terence Tuhinanshu (Indore), and Geeta Ganapathy (Bangalore)

All top 10 finalists will be invited to visit the Google Hyderabad office, meet with the team and explore Google’s dynamic working environment

Source: (Might be a rumor)

Now that all the issue has been resolved, BotHack congratulates all the winners and thanks one and all who actively participated in the comment section, soothing one another… Special thanks go to Hari Menon (For keeping his head cool all the time), Deepa (For kicking all our asses to do something about this), Harshad (For breaking the news here first! Thanks mate!), Punny (For the support and breaking the news! Yo go girl!!! Wait a min… is Punny a girl or a guy?), Vandita (For the ideas she came up with), Scooby Doo (For inviting us to a lunch part without giving us the Address :P) and Ravi (For hoaxing us about a “sms to get results” scam)…

We may not have won, but we definitely kicked arse in the comment section (I still rotfl when I re-read them :D)

Breaking News: Harshad Joshi just broke the news that Google might actually release the results to all the participants on November 9th. (Check comment section for further details :)) (Not a Rumor! My bad)

It is November 1st and there is still no news about the Google Wordmasters Challenge Results. The contest simultaneously conducted at 10 cities in India on September 30th, 2006, by Google India, saw over 3,000 participants fighting it out to be one of the top ten creative talents that Google India were hunting for.

It’s been more than a month since the contest and there has been no sign of the results. The official form that everyone received during the event says the results would be out by 30th of October, which as we all know has passed two days back.

I have got quite a few mails from contestants who have been checking their e-mail boxes every hour from 30th of October. This has been a huge let down by the Google guys.

So the guys at Google India I want you to listen to me and listen me good: I am not saying you guys suck, I am not saying you guys have to always be promt. All I am saying is:

1) when you can afford to email every participant and even SMS them a day before the event, you can also take the time to intimate them when the results are going to be out.

2) put up the results on an online page, instead of your crappy process: The winners will be notified thro’ email. The names of the winners may be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Google India Pvt. Ltd., Prestige Sigma, No.3, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore 560001. So if I want to know the winners then I have to go snail mail you guys? Wasn’t your motto “Information for all in an easy way”? Snail mail is not only slow but is also irritating. I don’t even remember the last time I bought stamps. This is absolute craziness.

3) if you can conduct the event in a grand way, why isn’t your follow up professional enough? None of the 3,000 odd participants have a clue as to what happened to their entries.

4) is this event credible? When one of the participants in Chennai asked the Google Guy what was the prize money, the Google Guy said “Well, I am not supposed to tell you the amount for the prize money. But hey, its Google, the money sure will be big”. Considering that was a reply from an ignorant organizer my question is: Is there any prize money?

BTW, if any of you guys know whats up with the results please do let me know.

I contacted the Google Guy (RJ Vijay) who told us about the undisclosed prize money thro’ his personal email id (which I obtained during the event) two days back regarding the results. I am yet to receive a reply 😦

UPDATE: Looks like I am not the only one who is frustrated. Harshad of Pune, who warned us long back saying that the whole competition might be a farce, has also blogged about the aftermath of the Google Wordmaster Challenge and how this might back fire Google. Some interesting discussions are going on there.

UPDATE 2: Another frustrated participant – Rajesh Kumar of Chennai.

UPDATE 3: Googlified blog posts about Google India’s callousness…

UPDATE 4: Some discussions on why is Google India doing/not doing this over here.

Update 5: Harshad Joshi just broke the news that Google might actually release the results to all the participants on November 9th.

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154 Responses to “Google Wordmasters Challenge – Where are the Results?”

  1. I think no one won.It was a complete fiasco and idiotic competition according to me.

    Indians dont need such foolish concepts to qualify amd get identified as talented.

    We should learn to demand the very best.Let Google be taught a lesson. They are apparently behaving in a too much ‘elite’ way, Indians dont like.

    Wait till their privacy bomb drops on them…

  2. @Harshad:
    How true… I bet they did it for some publicity. And count me in for that teaching a lesson to Google Thingy…

  3. Read the sins of big corporates like Google who are of a perfect US mentality.

    Just follow this link –

    Join hands and fight against the evil. Let the first tones of freedom be heard..!!

  4. 4 Vandita


    On or about 30th Oct, 2006… i have been anxiously waiting for at least some sort of reply from Google people!

    All this while i have been thinking that may be i wasn’t selected.. so didn’t get a reply.. beides that i have been looking for some sort of annoucement in Google Press or may be a new posting somewhere … that hey i have won!… no nothing… too depressing…

  5. Vandita, if you think you have a chance of winning, I must say you do have a lot of confidence! For most of us, it’s just curiosity to know who the winners are. But Google seems to taking a very laidback approach. I have a feeling this whole publicity stunt is having a negative effect on the company, which is rather a pity.

  6. 6 deepa

    It is absolutely frustrating. Does this reflect Google’s attitude? Or was the enitre event just a practical joke? This is utterly unprofessional on the part of Goole. Goole SUCKS. YES IT DOES.
    I wonder how many on the winners will take the job offers if given by Google. Afterall who will want to work in a organisation with such an attitude.

  7. Deepa, Google didn’t *guarantee* that they would come out with the results on October 30. It was just an indicative date. Besides, someone mentioned that the company had taken anticipatory bail — it had stated that only the winners will be notified directly, and the rest of us will have to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Google India’s headquarters to get the list of winners.

    I don’t know how reliable this information is, but if it’s true I agree it sucks bigtime. So much for the new networked IT age! If even half the participants contact Google by snail mail, that translates to a profit of about Rs 15,000 for the Indian Postal Department! I’m interested in the results, but I’m not that desperate. 🙂

  8. 8 Steve Ballmer

    Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I’m going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I’m going to fucking kill Google

  9. Guys,
    Firstly this has nothing to do with Google Inc, but its got everything to do with Google India. So stop bitching about Eric Schmidtts/Larry Page/Sergey Brin or Googleplex.

    And like Hari notes may be Google contacted only the winners.

    My only question is, if Google actually awarded those 3 chaps then why wouldn’t they want to publicize it? The whole idea was to generate some public interest and also to get creative minds for their jobs. So I bet if they had any intentions of awarding people they would have made it a big thing and not been low about it.

    I don’t think anybody took the challenge for the job. Only for the money and fun of it. Insiders scoop on the job: The Google Guy (Vijay) told us that the job would involve us screening the words suggested by adword users for their ads. Which if you have realized is the most boring and unimaginative job on earth. Why would India’s top three creative minds want to take up this shitty job with not much growth opportunities.

  10. 10 Deepa

    Hari Menon and Bothhack, I agree with you. All of us participated only for the fun of it. No one is desperate to join Google India. No. But for such a big organisation like the Google, sending emails to 3000 contests about the results is no big deal!
    Each of us have the right to know the results, for we had taken our time to go there spending for transportation and most of us even bunked office that day. So it is my right to know the result. If not in newspaper Google can publish it in thier blog.
    Yes Google Job is boring I heard and their attitude is irritating.

  11. “But for such a big organisation like the Google, sending emails to 3000 contests about the results is no big deal!”

    Exactly my point… chuck sending emails, why cant they just put it up on a site or like you said on a blog. Its not tough to get the word around… its just that they are too callous about the event,… which I am sure is not gonna do them any good…

  12. Hi

    Perhaps you would like to look at this:

    This apparently was NO wordmaster challenge but an exercise in building a parallel corpus. Hmmm…3000 blokes taken for a ride by the big G? Very evil.

  13. @Cram:
    LMAO on that funny entry at the blog.outer-court forum.Thanks for pointing out 🙂

  14. 14 Scooby Doo

    This is the biggest letdown by Google. I don’t know whether they will still be in my popularity charts after this fiasco, sham, deceit and treachery.

  15. So, My Hunch seems to be correct after all?

    I strongly feel that the much publicized event was actually an exercise to test the waters, maybe to retain people for some superBlog or to present relevant, human edited content – in the lines of,, et al.

    It was totally outsourced job and the 3rd agency goofed up.

    The Proofs of Goof-ups are many-
    1. The invitations for the test were not very effectively communicated.

    2. It was presented basically as an intro to Google’s various ventures and not actually as a contest attracting Talent.

    3. Arrangements for the test involving people to generate IT Bytes using language were pathetic, to say the least. I am sure many people must have felt uneasy using pen paper, instead of a PC (at least I Did).

    4. India is not very high on the Google’s agenda, then why this contest was held here only?

    5. At some places, Contestants were given 60 Minutes and elsewhere just 45 Minutes. They organizers did not even have a clear-cut policy?

    6. Even the Logo on Goodies Bag was somewhat different, meaning it was second grade job conceived, and executed locally, by equally proficient dumbos.

  16. 16 Sagaro

    @Manjit Singh:

    I wouldn’t agree on those accuses..

    1) The invitation was effectively communicated. 3 emails _ two sms. I couldn’t ask for more reminders.

    2) But the idea was to get more people to work for google. They wanted to find out talent for the jobs. So I guess it was justified to present an into into their ventures.

    3) This was not a competition for techies. There was no limit for age. In Chennai we had some 60 years old people, who wouldn’t have been comfortable with computer keyboards. It is justified to give paper and pen.

    4) This contest is independent of Google Inc. It is by Google India. Its like saying why did Rotract Chennai give free books to students and not Rotract Delhi…

    5) I agree with that. It kinda proved they didnt give much shit about your entires or your talent. They just wanted to conduct it for the sake of it. Point taken.

    6) The logo was fine. And the bag was not printed for the competition, but the Google Goodies bag is given to all people who attend their interviews. I don’t think they would have messed up with that…

  17. 17 Hari Menon

    I got three emails and two SMSes too, but I wouldn’t call it effective communication because three different times were mentioned. I called back but the chap at the other end couldn’t help me. So I went at the earliest time mentioned (9:30 am, I think) and found that I had a nice long wait ahead of me! Oh well, better to be early than late.

  18. 18 Sagaro

    @Hari Menon:
    May be that was in your case. In Chennai it was pretty effective and we had only one timing 😀

  19. 19 Deepa

    Come on! What can be done now? How to make the Google people to speak up. Why dont one of you contact CNN-IBN and voice your views as a citizen journalist? I think we should not just let them go scot free like this. We need to do something. Google is too clever. There is no way we can get in touch with them. Or is there one? I think I will name my doggy (am getting one next week) as Google! Just to remember Google and thier practical joke for a longer time. How can I forget Google’s Goofed Up Wordmasters Challenge!

  20. 20 Deepa

    Come on! What can be done now? Why dont one of you contact CNN-IBN and voice your views as a citizen journalist? I think we should not just let them go scot free like this. We need to do something. Google is too clever. There is no way we can get in touch with them. Or is there one? I think I will name my doggy (am getting one next week) as Google! Just to remember Google and thier practical joke for a longer time. How can I forget Google’s Goofed Up Wordmasters Challenge!

  21. @Deepa:
    Brilliant idea. So does anyone know how to contact the citizen journalist program’s co-ord???

  22. 22 Vandita

    Oh! i can see so many curious guys out there… waiting for some kinda communication from supposedly world’s best search engine… Hari, thanx for the compliment…well, i take it as a compliment.. but its generally good to feel optimistic about one’s self…and with a fire sign in my ascendant, i generally see a postive outcome of evreything in my life…itz just curiousity which keeps me posting comments here and there…wanted to know what was the Google deal all about?…nothing more than that!…I guess the Googlies are too busy compiling the winners’ list… or may be they are keeping mum about this whole thing … just to find out what’s the response and how many people are really bothered to check the results and then they will arrange a lucky draw and we’ll have to SMS to 0000 to vote for the final 3…. howz dat…???

  23. 23 Hari Menon

    I think the media coordinators for CNBC-TV18 are Manisha Gupta and Merich Rodrigues. Their email IDs are and They may be able to help. But will this matter be considered all that important by anybody except the 3000-odd participants?

  24. 24 Sagaro

    “Oh! i can see so many curious guys out there… waiting for some kinda communication from supposedly world’s best search engine”

    Nope. Nobody is curious anymore waiting for communication from Google… everybody is out here to figure out a way to screw Google India… And that’s exactly what we are gonna do. They wanted publicity by this event… lets give them the shit they deserve.

  25. @Hari:
    Thanks a million for that info. Even I am a bit hitched about whether peeps apart from 3000 of us would be interested in the Wordmasters results. But am sure peeps would be interested to know Google India’s sly tactics to improve their PR…which backfired though.

    I feel it is very important for the media and the rest of India to know… They can’t get away fooling 3000 odd people.

    Ok I need a favor from you (and all others out there who is interested), we have to write a nice email to pitch our story to those two guys… It must be good enough so that they are interested…

  26. 26 Hari Menon

    To Bothack: I wrote to MeritTrac, the agency that organised the contest for Google India, and the person in charge of marketing operations at the company replied with the following:

    “Let me assure you that I will personally look into this issue. I will check with my team internally and also speak with Google and revert to you by tomorrow positively.”

    I didn’t ask about the results — I only enquired about the reason for the delay. Hopefully, by tomorrow we’ll have a clearer picture. Let’s give them a fair chance, and postpone the media blitz by a couple of days. 🙂

  27. @Hari:
    Good one. Nice follow up. Point taken, may be there is some hiccups and they are delaying the results. But why can’t they just put it in the same site where we guys registered. It now reads “Thank you for participating. Registrations are closed”.

    And please do let me know what ever reply you get tomorrow :). Fine I will wait for a couple of days, after which I am sure as hell gonna take this to some media… I mean you can’t play with 3,000 people and get away with it…

  28. 28 Sapna R


    Thanks for contributing to this “vent-out” site.

    I have reliable sources to belive that Google is actually interested in this site and our comments. More acidic the better – looks like the most creative sarcasm may be finally be chosen.

    At no point we can under-estimate the creative Google team.
    Just keep your fingers crossed – dream, eat and chew google – come out with good googlies and the award is yours.

    Who knows next time they may take you in the auto-rickshaw ride along with their two bubbly owners.

    Cheers / Sapna

  29. 29 Scooby Doo

    You know what? I am beginning to believe in Sapna’s theories.
    The most abusive guy on these comment boxes wins a box of tissues (!!!) sponsored entirely and generously by Google, to wipe tears of frustration with!
    About the CNN-IBN idea of citizen journalist and taking the matter to the courts, media, and going very public about this Gory Googlish scam is not an idea to be swept under the carpet either!
    Fellow essay-contestants, this is the time to join hands and rise in revolt! Have the Google guys really begun thinking they are God?

  30. Hey…..what if the winners are still on their Diwali Vacation?

  31. @Sapna:
    “I have reliable sources to belive that Google is actually interested in this site and our comments.”

    Nah! Who ever told you that, I can assure you its not the case. I don’t even think those dudes up there even remember that they are supposed to give out the results. So why would they bother checking this site up?

    “Who knows next time they may take you in the auto-rickshaw ride along with their two bubbly owners.”

    Keep dreaming… I prefer to call this optimism – butt kissery.

  32. @Scooby Doo:
    “Fellow essay-contestants, this is the time to join hands and rise in revolt!”

    It would help if you share with us on what your idea of revolt is and how you want the contestants to revolt… 😀

  33. @Prash:
    Now thats the height of optimism… hehe

  34. 34 C.Anand Isaac

    I am sure google will soon announce the results ,unless they have lost the entire manuscripts in transit! However it is very unbecoming of a company of Google’s standards ,first of all for not keeping up their promise and next due to their lack of communication on time.I wonder how they can keep up employee standards ,when the employer has such low standards !

  35. 35 Dorsani K.A.

    Getting in touch with CNNIBN must be pretty easy. Their chennai correspondents rohini mohan or pratiba parameshwaran may be contacted. Whether those nerds at Google Hyderabad OFfice read this blog or not I am not, I am not concerned about that. All that I want to know is the RESULT. They made a fool of us! Just to something folks! Do something.

  36. 36 deepa

    CNN IBN chennai, can be contacted at 45066223. So any of you if interested can go ahead and call them as citizen journalist and keep them informared about Google Goof Up!
    Or all of us can assemble in front of Google Hyderabad and protest 😦
    Anyone reading this blog and is an employee of google or has friends in google, paste the results in this blog.
    Some of us should also write Letters to the editor columns in leading newspapers.

  37. I dont know if I am right or wrong, but I find this Google stuff a waste of time.

    Most probably the results are expected to be on thursday thats Nov 9. This date is confirmed by The First Tones of Freedom and its expected that all 3000 participants will be notified on their email ids.

    If at all Google fails to deliver this result by tommorrow, I guess we need to take some drastic steps to prevent such things from happening..

  38. Its sade to find that the media is ignoring us. Now-a-days so many idiotic events make a news, then its funny to see that such an important issue is left behind.

    This just makes it clear that Indian media persons are not techno savvy and fail to understand technology.

    I suggest we join hands to create a blogging force.

  39. @Dorsani and Deepa:
    Thanks a million for the info… Will wait for a wee bit more time and go ahead with CNN IBN 🙂

    That by far is the most soothing thing I have heard in recent times. Lets hope they don’t goof up 9th of November too… 🙂

  40. @Harshad:
    Regarding the blogging force… I am on it.. count me in 🙂

  41. Hi friends,

    Like to get SMS alert/ email alert

    publishing Wordmaster Challenge 2006


    Details in:

  42. 42 Scooby Doo

    Harshad, you are absolutely right! The media is absolutely ignoring us, when so many crappy news items manage to make their presence felt in Aaj Tak, NDTV etc. This sordid episode has all the makings of a front page story. Just imagine us all featured in the Times of India,” 3000 honest Indian citizens taken for a ride” or, ” “Are we falling prey to double standards of foreign companies setting up shop in our nation?”
    I would hate to be at the butt end of ridicule by American firms. Yes, they have turned us into performing clowns, or worse, beggars, who are panting after some word of recognition from THEM.
    When Google claims it can provide all answers in the world, why not the results of an essay competition which was held all over the country, and which got such wonderful response?
    Shame on them!

  43. @Anish VR:
    Is that some kinda joke???

    @Scooby Doo:
    True very true…

  44. 44 Hari Menon

    > Most probably the results are expected to be on thursday thats Nov 9. This date is confirmed by The First Tones of Freedom…

    Harshad, you’re hazarding a guess and citing your own blog as the source?! Where did you get this information from anyway? Via telephone, from Google’ Mumbai office?

  45. 45 deepa

    ScoobyDoo, I like your comment. You are right.
    And today is 9 NOV! the results are still not out.
    Please come out with idea to make those Google Good for nothingfellows speak up.
    Come up with good ideas.

  46. @Hari Menon:
    Well pointed out. Damn! How come I over looked it. Probably I was too enthu about results being out rather than checking for the authenticity of the news… neways thanks.

    Dude! I went thro your whole blog and its comments, I couldn’t find a place where it talked about confirming the dates. Please do let us know how you got the information 😀

  47. Deepa:
    Patience. The day is not over yet. If what Harshad is saying is true then we must wait till the evening at least before we jump to any conclusion/action 🙂

  48. 48 Hari Menon

    I used to post updates and views in Harshad’s blog, but as he moderates all comments it takes many hours for them to become visible. So I think I’ll post here instead.

    I talked to a reliable source this afternoon who said it’s likely that MeritTrac evaluated the essays and handed in the results some time ago, but Google India (for whatever reason) is waiting for an opportune moment to reveal all.

    I know the delay is frustrating, guys, but let’s show some restraint. There’s no point blaming MeritTrac or anybody else unless we know the facts.

  49. @Hari Menon:
    It is not our duty to know the facts nor is it in our hands to know the facts. It’s google’s duty to give off the results by 7 days from 30th of October or at least provide us with the facts. I see we have every right to protest/bitch about them cauze once they conduct a national level competition under their banner they have made a public commitment and since they aren’t heading that commitment any further, I take it that we have to do something about it rather than just waiting for them to sort out their problems (Which, mind you, they never bothered even informing us about).

    If it’s possible for them to sms and email peeps before the event, why can’t they just do that now and inform people that they have a few problems to sort out and it would take more time instead of putting us in dark and getting us to do all the digging out info job… I think we have showed enough restraint and I don’t think we should blame MeritTrac .. finally its all Google India’s fault for screwing it up… And I am not frustrated with them screwing it up, but I am frustrated by the fact that they are not bothering to inform us…

    But that’s just my opinion…

  50. 50 ravi

    If the results were supposed to be announced today, would’nt that task be at least on the top 5 things to do for the day, if not the first thing to do. So what would take them until evening…???? a certain planetary alignment??? Lets not speculate about the date and time anymore guyz..

  51. finally! they are out folks…
    Vamsi Krishna Nakkina wins Google Wordmasters creative writing contest
    When: 11/9/2006 3:31:31 PM
    By Rajesh Barnwal

    Vamsi Krishna Nakkina from Hyderabad has won the Google Wordmasters 2006 creative writing contest designed to identify and celebrate India’s top English writing talent.

    As a reward, Nakkina will receive a creative writing course from a reputed university abroad and a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, Google India has said.

    Karunguzhi Nalini from Bangalore and Amrita Singh from Delhi have been judged as second and third runners-up. They will receive a cash prize of Rs 75,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively.

    The other winners are Shriganesh Joshi (Mumbai), Shyamalima Sengupta (Bangalore), Ravi Rao (Mumbai), Tulika Srimal (Hyderabad), Debdutta Saha (Hyderabad), Terence Tuhinanshu (Indore), and Geeta Ganapathy (Bangalore)

    All top 10 finalists will be invited to visit the Google Hyderabad office, meet with the team and explore Google’s dynamic working environment

    take a look. are any of the lucky ten amongst us? plz stand up!

  53. 53 Hari Menon

    Now that that littler matter’s been cleared up, we can all go back to whatever we were supposed to be doing. Class dismissed! 🙂

  54. 54 Scooby Doo

    Punny is the luckiest of all: he/she has the exclusive privilege of receiving the list of winners. We the down-trodden masses belong and will remain in the land of darkness, where Google does not deem fit to tread.
    Ok, even if these are the finalists of the competition, I don’t think the prize is worth all the effort. There’s no REAL incentive here, not even a job offer. I can detour other wonderful offices without sitting through arbitary competitions which lack in credibility.
    Hari, Deepa, Bot hack, Mandip Singh, Harshad, Sagaro…you all win free tickets to my place for a great lunch, wherein we shall meet, discuss, chew and spit out Google!!

  55. This marks the end of pains and sufferings..but I vow – I will teach Google a tutorial, if not a lesson.


  56. My apologies for the delays, I was away from my reliable network, and so, even after reading your comments, I couldent do much. Sorrry, blogging using the moto razr is a bit of uncomfort.

    PS – There was no hoax. Today we got the results I think.

  57. 57 Narcissa

    um… how reliable is this results news? how come only punny knows? and quit rubbing in the participation value… its hard to lose, guys, admit it.

  58. @Narcissa:
    I think the news is quite reliable considering Allo Techie has posted about it. It can’t be a hoax. Also Harshad did inform us that the results would be out today.

    Firstly let me make it clear Narcissa, this was NOT a competition, it was a publicity stunt. Google actually doesn’t even care who won and whether they deserve it. I am not saying Vamsi Nikkan is bad. May be he is good. But the whole event was a farce. A few centers got 1 hour time limit a few centers got 45 minutes. In Chennai there was a relaxation of word limit to up to 220 words. All this showed that the competition had no bhav to it, it was just to show that they conducted an all India event and it had 3000 participants…

    Also they know that any creative guy in his right mind would take up that shit hole job which requires no creativity. Just throw in a lakh for the prize money and try to compensate for the mediocrity… That is how I would see it. So I suggest you don’t feel bad about the results and participate in some serious competitions… 😀

  59. But inspite of all this, I am not feeling it right.

    I had a firey talk today to someone called as Maya from Google Mumbai this morning, and she had told me to contact Google Hyderabad, telling that she had no more details.

    Further, she had also told that Google would announce this news to media and press and also email participants about it. I havent received a mail as yet and so is the same about everyone. Now, that Aloo tech isent that unreliable, but they have a disclaimer on their site which warns us about presence of some rumours in the news.

    My point is that we should not feel that this matter is over. We should keep an eye on every probableprogress in this event. I wonder – Why did Google feel the need to give the news to a third party site? It has its own sites. Note – All official Google events news are mentioned on Googles official pages. Example of this is Google Doodle held in UK. This is the link to that page –

    There are two possibilities –
    1. The results might have leaked out from Merittrack or come concerned company who had checked the papers. Similarly, there is no mention of who checked and assessed the papers?

    2. Google got what it wanted. Free publicity at the cost of common users. This strategy works great sometimes.

    I will believe this news to be 100% true when I see faces of those blokes, I get to read what they have scribbled and I find this news on leading media sites.

    Till then, there is no peace. The answers to our questions loom large ahead, we need to find it.

  60. 60 Scooby Doo

    Who in the wide wide world is Alotechie or whatever, and how come only this person knows of the results? I’m not sure whether the organisers of the contest know of the outcome themselves!!
    If Google used every trick in the trade to make the “aam janta” aware of their wonderful essay writing contest, how come they choose an unknown factor in the guise of Allotechie to be the Chosen One to get the highly secret list of winners?
    Are you guys really and seriously buying this story of the winners list? Think again!

  61. @Scooby Doo:
    The point is Aloo Techie is pretty authentic site for Indian tech news. I am not sure whether he was chosen or not to be trusted with the results, but am sure he wouldn’t have posted it without verification.

    And yes as of now, no one else know of the results from a direct source, everyone knows it from Aloo Techies site only, which makes it kinda creepy affair 😐

  62. @Harshad
    If we still wanna make it sure, then the best thing we could do is snail mail a self addressed stamped envelope so that they can send us the list of winners… Or try to figure out from Google Hyde why only Aloo Techie knows the result…

  63. 63 mayur

    NOW is the time to do that media blitz that someone was talking about. Compare the publicity given to the contest at the beginning, and the sneaky way the results were announced, and the difference is obvious.

    It’s clear that google or meritrac read these discussions, got cold feet, and rushed to publish the result via some site they knew, to avoid more negative publicity. I bet it was a direct fallout of our criticism here being brought to their notice by Hari Menon and others.

    Don’t get me wrong — I’m not blaming Hari, but I feel he (as well as all of us) should pursue the matter further. Shoudl we take this lying down? I say not. (It’s NOT a case of sour grapes; it’s a case of invisible grapes!)

  64. 64 Hari Menon

    Don’t take my trip sitting across the room, Mayuresh. 🙂

    But yes, point taken. Look carefully at the sidebar on the Alootechie site, which says: “Apart from accurate news, we also publish gossip, rumours and speculation.” So much for the authenticity of the site.

    With each move it makes, Google India is losing credibility. What prevented the company from releasing the news to a number of respected sites such as, or on their own website?

    I expected them to publish a small ad in today’s newspapers congratulating the winners, but they’ll probably take another week for that — if at all they do it.

    Something’s definitely rotten here.

  65. We must contact some professional newsmakers. They can make a news out of it, and find out the truth.

    Also, we must make the print media aware of the google fiasco, by making them read our blogs and comments.

  66. 66 sandeep

    I guess no one won the competition these guys just wanna have some fame of their own site …….. 🙂 well if google is serious about the competition then it would revealed the winners list on their own……… if not they might sold their fame for this ALOO TECHIE……well GOOGLE might be interested to show indians as a fools for money….apna sapna money money….

  67. 67 Vandita


    I am sure you have a point..unless and until the results are out on their official site, we can’t actually trust this site…i know it feels a lil disheartening if one doesn’t win, but still there should be some transparency from Google…guys what i feel is, we can’t just trust ‘aloo tikki’ for obvious reasons…it can be a rumour as well!

  68. Okay guys! Instead of wasting time thinking whether the news is true or false, lets get some affirmative actions done. How many over here are from Chennai? How many of you strongly feel we have to take it to CNN IBN’s citizens journalist or may be the print media?

    Thanks to a few folks up there (Deepa and Dorsani) I have a few contacts of the Chennai media peeps. We could go ahead with pitching the news to them. Can some one volunteer to write a small pitch email letter or something so that we can send them across to the editors? I am just thinking aloud. Please do put forward your opinions. Thank you!

  69. 69 Deepa

    Friends! All said and done, I am still upset wtih Google Attitude. I still do not believe the authenticity of this news. I will believe it if it is published in Hindu/Express/Chronilce. Someone is playing a practical joke again. Let the winner speak up. The write up itself does not seem authentic to me. Goolgle had made sure to circulte the information about the event to all major newspapers. They will or should do the same with the results also. Please do not believe this result.

  70. Is this done by Alootech to increase their traffic??

  71. 71 Ranjani S

    Hey all,

    there is something wrong somewhere!!!. I just called up the Google India office (10th Nov, 1.00pm in the afternoon) , spoke to this lady called Shijitha. She tells me that the Google Wordmasters results are going to be out only the coming Monday (13th Nov) or Tuesday (14th Nov). A mention about the results on some blog site, she emphatically said, Google has nothing on its official news or blog, so please do not take anything as true. Can someone find out what’s really going on?

  72. An update
    One of my readers called Google today and this is what she has to say.

    Hey all,

    there is something wrong somewhere!!!. I just called up the Google India office (10th Nov, 1.00pm in the afternoon) , spoke to this lady called Shijitha. She tells me that the Google Wordmasters results are going to be out only the coming Monday (13th Nov) or Tuesday (14th Nov). A mention about the results on some blog site, she emphatically said, Google has nothing on its official news or blog, so please do not take anything as true. Can someone find out what’s really going on?

    Please confirm this. Someone needs to contact Google Mumbai and Google Hyderabad. Atleast the rumours will stop floating in air.

  73. 73 Scooby Doo

    I loved Hari Menon’s research about Alootechie…hahahaha! He has pointed out the “finer” points about that site : rumours, gossip and speculation is LEGALLY and proudly published on this site as well!!
    @ Mayur
    You are right…this IS a case of invisible grapes. It is Google’s good luck that they got a herd of cultured, educated people at their “testing” competition. Had the same thing happened somewhere in a small place in Bihar or UP , these guys wouldn’t have got away alive…they’d be burnt alive on the stakes!
    Well, cultured and polished citizens, now’s the time to get into the demoniac acts, which in this case is highly justified!!

  74. I am not from Chennai, but I feel that you contact the local media.

  75. yeah bothack, you were right- i’m a girl. names maitreyi. this feels like the end of a play where all the actors come out and introduce themselves. come on people, do likewise. will sure miss all the interesting people and their hot n’ sour comments. a pity none of us (except for pooky) here made it to the lucky ten. i sure could have done with this job, no matter how drab and boring it would be. atleast would bring home the bacon… and thats the very thing i need right now.

  76. 76 dilettante

    new grouse (read bitching).
    i didnt think it was relevant earlier, but now with imcompetencies accumilating, i feel the need to share one more howler on the part of google.
    This happened at the Ahmedabad venue.
    As the contest started, a participant asked the meaning of the word ‘horse sense’- a keyword.
    One of the google staffers said it meant ‘stupid / idiotic sense, or Dumb.’ I dont remember the exact word, but this was the gist. Immediately a guy nearby said., no its quite the opposite and said it meant common sense. But the guy from google argued to the contrary and said he was sure.
    Now at moments like these, any one could have lost his faith. Its not a day to day word in India. Many people may have taken the wrong meaning into account.
    Small bitch, but now I think it all filts into the larger scheme of things.

  77. 77 ravi

    1. How would Merittrac know what the prizes are?
    2. Whats this google press release Sandyz talking about?
    3. If someone stage managed this, is pooky pooking to us?? how would they get his/her name.
    4. Ranjani confirms that someone told her the results dbe out on monday or tuesday 14th, but that doesn mean that these are not the winners.
    5. Has someone from Meritcrap (ya mayur, lets be adamant like you about their renaming for whatever reason) made a “deal”??
    6. Im sure Google is gonna beat that aloo out of this alootechi guyz.

  78. 78 Hari Menon

    Ravi, the “prizes” (cash awards, writing course in a university, one-day tour of the google office) were floating around even at the time of the contest. See Haochi’s site here, where a participant claimed on October 3 that Google would declare 10 winners, of whom three would “get cash prizes, a distance learning course from some top foreign university and a tour to Hyderabad Google office.”

    As you can see, many were aware of the grand prizes at the time the competition was held. Unless of course, the latest announcement is a hoax by someone who remembered the “gifts” and concocted a story out of it. We’ll simply have to wait for Google to make it official.

  79. 79 Hari Menon

    Okay, so it’s official now. But Merittrac’s press release came in advance of Google’s… Interesting!

  80. 80 Scooby Doo

    The mystery deepens, the plot thickens. This has all the makings of a whodunit. ” Mystery essay contest organisers vanish without a trace”, or, ” Was a national essay competition a front for some activities by a “foreign hand” in our country?”
    I’m sure this calls for the expertise of some detective agency on the lines of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot.
    In other words, I give up, guys…the pontifications on the serial essay contest organisers are getting a bit too sticky for my liking.

  81. 81 Deepa

    I think the next time Google organises wordmasters contezt (even it is after 10 years) I think we guys should kidnap, abduct the guys who talk for 45 minutes about Google, wearing black tshirt and hopping and limpnig around the place and giving instructions. Should take them and hide them and release them only after the results are out in Google website and that too in all the major media including Daily Thanthi, Dina Malar, Kadhiravan, Kumudham, Kungumam, Vikaran, Big FM, RAdio City, Radio Mirchi, ETcetc and all TV channels. We can release one of the hostages if they do this. And the second person can be released when they air the speical interview of the winners and the details aboou the prize. And the third hostage (yes there were three reps from Google in Chennai) can be released (of course alive only) if they announce the anmes of all 2990 participants (preferably by Vijay from Google who said taht he was from Chennai and that guy sporting a blazer that did nto fit him well:( ) on a 24 hour news challen.
    I am so frustrated friends. 😦

  82. 82 Deepa

    Pleae excuse me for thsoe silly spelling mistake (names and not anmes and challel and not challen!). Obviously I am so upset :((

  83. 83 Deepa

    It is channel. Sorry once again. 🙂

  84. sourgrapes stink, harshad stinks, losers stink, my name isnt on the
    list, but google sent me plane tickets to hyd on 13th, suck on this losers! hahahahahaa

  85. i put a very useful comment on the damn fool harshads blog which wud have given all u ppl very useful info, but gujju ben likes to moderate ehhehehehe…….losers! dont cry, just mail ur resumes to jobs at google . com


  86. 86 Brightlamp

    Hey that was a good idea deepa! :). I understand your frustrations. Just ignore this stupid contest. It is very clear that it was all just a big joke for google buddies. They will pay the price for it. If they manage to circulte press releases to all the newspapers about the contest, send confirmation emai, sms and call us and trouble us, why cannot they send press release to the newspapers about the winners. So news about the winners list is sure to be a fiasco.
    So lets ignore this and enjoy the weekend. GOOGLE’s advertisement strategy sucks. THe guys who came up with this idea needs to be fired.

  87. 87 Scooby Doo

    @ Deepa:
    I am all with Deepa’s revolutionary idea. Well done, Deepa!! Yours is the only idea which really fits the situation at hand. This is the ONLY strategy which seems workable. A real Rang De Bassanti type scenario is definitely in the offing. Google watchout!! Your black T-shirt clad staff is the subject of hate attacks.
    @ Brightlamp
    Ignoring this issue, is the only wise thing to do, but somehow it is still undigestable. I mean, we waited, prayed, paced up and down till the 30th of Oct., so very hopeful, and now they give us total SILENCE in return?? A terrible fiasco by Google, and perhaps the beginning of their downfall.

  88. 88 sunny pir

    loooooooosers suck suck suck! fok the list, i got an jet airways ticket to hyd courtesy google hr, send ur resumes now jobs[put at-character here] or, cheerio! harshad loser hi!

  89. 89 Scooby Doo

    How come so many winners(?) are surfacing, and ALL win only air tickets? C’mon people…we can do better than that. Put on your thinking hats and give these alledged winners some thoughts to chew on. Hey “Winners”….I just won an entire plane gifted to me by Google!! Enjoy your one-way ticket to Hyd by Jet!!( Sorry your ride lasts only few minutes!)

  90. Hi friends,

    WMC06 results seems to be
    published..But are you the first one
    to know abt it?

    Book your result here:)

  91. 91 C.Anand Isaac

    Once I wrote a test for Google
    And until now they make me ogle.
    For the results I did a Google search;
    but unfortunately, was left in the lurch
    by that high and mighty called Google,
    who is now famous for this great bungle.
    At this rate ,I am sure even a Google search
    cannot but find them in a trench!

  92. 92 Scooby Doo

    The massive bungle by Google is just falling short of being called a SCAM of the first order. I have seen how National Essay contestants are treated in the US, in the Star World programs,and how they honour these winners. The names are broadcast over TV channels, and the extracts of the winning entries are read out by the authors of the essays. Mind you, this is happening for school level contests there, so what does one say when you invite participants from all age groups at a national level?
    Do they take us for DUDS, with no self-esteem?
    @ C.Anand Isaac
    The only positive point which came out of this is the collective unity we have all shown here, and the comments that each of you have come up with speaks of the volcano of talent that Google just missed out on. It’s their bad luck…they really WILL find themselves in the trench.

  93. 93 Great ideas

    Why dont you contact Barkha Dutt of NDTV?

    Her email id is –

    Just remember to tell her everything that happened and do not forget to give all the links as an evidence against Google and their partners. You may also provide evidence from the other fellows who are voicing their opinions.Remember – Unity is a key in this case.

    Good luck dudes and hope to see you guys succeed.

  94. 94 C.Anand Isaac

    I saw a cabby drive his cab straight into a truck
    and when I asked him ,he said”I just googled it up!”
    I met a girl who just failed in her exam.
    when I queried,she simply said “I googled it up!”
    I watched a cop who just left a thief slip through him
    when I queried ,he admitted “I simply googled it!”
    when a doctor operated on my wrong eye
    and I asked him why?
    he said”my ghosh, I just googled it!”

    So folks there is a new word to be added to our dictionary
    Its GOOGLE meaning a great BUNGLE !

  95. 95 C.Anand Isaac

    Anyway, sorry for the repetetive words in my poetry
    Ofcourse I too just googled it up!

  96. 96 Scooby Doo

    Someone has just advised me to seriously approach the media and expose this scam. Will anyone join me in my effort, PLEASE?

  97. 97 C.Anand Isaac

    Scooby Dooby Do,
    where are you,lets put our paws together.My e-mail ID is get in touch with me.

  98. 98 C.Anand Isaac

    Scooby Dooby Do,
    where are you?Let’s put our paws together.My e-mail ID is get in touch with me.

  99. 99 Dorsani K.

    Yes Scooby, We have to approach media. I think Business LIne carried a nes item about this contest. May be we can contact those reporters or Rasheedha Bhagath the news bureau chief and ask them to publish a write up. Or we can also contact Mr. Anand Parthasarathy who writes in Hindu, He lives in bangalore.
    Such people can really do something about this.
    Think about it. Something has to be done.
    After follwing up the google resutls and writing in various blogs, it has now become a matter of habit for me to register my comments. I will miss all this. Take care. byebye 🙂

  100. 101 Hari Menon

    Anish, the only hot news on that site are links to online poker and porn. Maybe your site expired during the night and you didn’t realise it?

  101. 102 ravi

    Dude Anish….

  102. 103 Hari Menon

    Anish, you got the spelling of the site wrong. But hey dude, what’s the point in announcing the results now when they have been available online for over a week?

  103. what ho what ho what ho! i thought i was the only one who visited this blog after long after the anticlimaxial demise of its theme. but apparently my fellow martyrs do likewise…. well, you eggs beans and crumpets, heard of some other writing challenge of late?

  104. 105 Hari Menon

    Writing challenge? I’m going to keep as far away from it as possible. But it makes sense to keep adding to these comments, because constant updating will make such pages figure right on top when curious Googlers search for “wordmasters challenge” in future. (Google may yet conduct another such eyewash in another part of the world, for all we know.)

  105. 106 Scooby Doo

    Hi All! Correctly put…this is Adios to you all folks..much as I would hate to say it. Had a great time bonding with all co-miserators thru the hours of suspense that Google (unneccessarily) put us through. Like Hari, this experience will put me off future Wordmaster Challenges, if any, for years to come. All enthusiastic participants of the contest were at best made to feel like mediocres, and at worst, some kind of beggars from a third world nation. Bitter, who me??
    Bye folks…the only bright spot in this whole episode were you guys!

  106. The battle aint over as yet. Google cant get out of this so easily. Even today there is no official decleration. God damn it.. we need to do something in this matter. Even todays news are full of a story of Adobe India CEO’s son being kidnapped and freed. (Actually, it is a free publicity for Adobe and its products. I suspect that this entire drama was carried out by Adobe Corp of USA to promote their product in India. Otherwise who would have bothered to know a bit about Adobe India CEO?)

    These idiot newsmakers need to be pointed over Google fraud.

  107. 108 ravi

    @ punny

    No maitreyi, ur not the only one still nursing the wound/scar/blister/lesion/ulceration/bruise/abrasion/injury…..

  108. 109 Scooby Doo

    @ Harshad:
    Way to go! The Google stunt was slightly worse than the Adobe CEO’s son’s kidnapping….about 3000 self-respecting citizens of this country were taken for a ride, in the true sense of the word. How on earth does one bond and get our dues back? We didn’t ask for much; only a letter of confirmed prize winners from the organisers would have done.
    Ravi, Harshad, Punny, Hari, etc…DO SOMETHING!

  109. 110 ravi

    Scooby dear..

    “about 3000 self-respecting citizens of this country were taken for a ride…”

    ah..err.. 2990 to be precise..

    and lets not keep on repeating that we’v been taken for a ride okkk???… i went to rehab, and here lemme help you out of this mess.

    1. Just tell urself that u were the 11th best. I shall concede this position and move to 12th to help you.
    2. Listen to Eagles’ “Get over it”
    3. Chew on this great quote “Everything was over long ago.” literally, very apt in our case. Meaning everything has already been designed, and our only business is to watch it unfold. Our only other business is to find out what has been designed for us and make that unfold.
    4. Now, just get back to work and don’t make me more mad.

  110. @ravi
    think you are right. no point wasting ‘hard’ earned money (hard as hard can be, in my case) and precious time -you’d rather spend taking a nap or reading a forsyth thriller- on this bitten-the-dust event. we can keep visiting this blog to see if anybody has withdrawal symptoms. in the meanwhile lemme know if you heard of some writing job…. cant do this web content writing anymore….

  111. 112 ravi

    @ punny

    gimme “a” mail id, and ill put you through whatever i get to know about writing jobs or other related stuff in Bangalore…

  112. 113 Scooby Doo

    Maybe Google meant the results would be declared “in or around” 30th Oct of 2007 or thereafter….Well, there’s always hope isn;t there??!

  113. 114 ravi


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