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Here’s a cool analysis of the ICICI mobile banking application. It’s a long post, but a good read. Go here to read it.

People with a penchant for storing huge quantities of information on their computers go for hard drives with capacities of more that 200 GB. With the price of hard drives crashing now a days, people tend to stack up thress to four drives in thier desktops. Invariably, if you are using a SATA drive compatible […]

An inventor in the Indian state of Kerala has come out with a car that can travel on land and on water, much like the Aquada, a car that costs around $150,000. 26 year old Vinod, a gizmo nut and a mechanic by profession modified a Maruti 800 (India’s best selling car) and fitted the […]

Once again, there is a flaw in the way something from Microsoft was written. There is a new exploit that allows arbitrary code to be executed on the client side using an animated cursor vulnerability. Here’s an excerpt from the site… A vulnerability has been reported in Microsoft Windows, which can be exploited by malicious […]

Following the events where Kathy Sierra, a popular geek blogger had to cancel conference visits because of the death threats that were issued to her, things have come to a head. Chris Locke a.k.a Rageboy, the person behind the forum where the threats supposedly originated and Kathy Sierra issued a joint statement on CNN last […]

The Knowledge Foundation, a motely group of technology enthusiasts and avid bloggers, the same bunch of folks who brought you Blogcamp, Barcamp, and other related events have teamed up to bring you India’s first podcasting event called This event, to be held next month on the 9th and the 10th at Tidel Park, […]

Mobile Monday Chennai edition is scheduled to happen on the 6th of May (tomorrow), which incidentally is a Sunday at IIT Madras. This sure does make the event a bit humorous since Mobile Monday on a Sunday turns out to be the expansion of MMS (The phenomenon which made mobile camera phones popular in India). […]

Woah! I had a good mind to put that ‘A’ in the title, for this was one of the many lists that were floating around the net. But I soon remembered the big fight going over the web on the existence of A-List bloggers. When choosing the title of this post requires second thought, you […]

If reports are to be believed, global software behemoth Microsoft is to submit a new photo format to a standards organisation that could signal the end of the much loved JPEG format. The format that has been proposed by Microsoft. The format that has been propsed by Microsoft is called HD Photo, previously called Windows Media […]

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Digg your favorite wordpress posts. Gears of War sweeps awards at the Game Developers Choice awards. No patches this month, says Microsoft. Search engine to rival Google and Yahoo(what?) in the pipeline, says Jimbo Wales of Wikipedia. Microsft takes potshots at Google over intellectual property. Ugly ethnic video wars among the Greeks and the Turks […]