Are you looking for more traffic on WordPress? It’s not too hard to get, you just need some SEO tips to enhance your configuration.

We will here give you the best tips for making your WordPress SEO friendly.

Top 5 SEO wordpress tweaks and hacks

Your best option is creating a Custom permalinks. For this tweak you simply change the page title that is given by default, which is of format: www.yourdomaincom/?p=5 , to a much more user friendly and search engine oriented title.

In order to do this you need to go to Options > Permalinks and change the default code for this other code – /%category%/%postname%/

Another tweak you can use is making your titles links. Links are easier to detect by search engines, and by this, easier to be found by your users.  Luckily, you can very easily convert your titles to links permanently. To do this, go to your Main Index Template and Page Template and find the post title’s code, which will be something like

[h2][?php the_title(); ?][/h2]

but between these > < instead of square brackets.

To transform your headings into links, replace this code by these next one, always changing the square brackets with > <

[h2][a href=”[?php the_permalink() ?]” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to [?php the_title(); ?]“][?php the_title(); ?][/a][/h2]

You are already ahead of the rest with your new SEO improvements, but there’s more. There are plenty of Google Sitemap generator plugins for WordPress. We’ll talk about the Google Sitemap generator plugin by Dagon Design specifically. You can use this very customizable (it´s options page is in the Word Press admin panel) plugin to create a sitemap for your WordPress powered site. You will be amazed by all the options it includes. From support for multi-level categories and pages to multiple-page generation with navigation; covering permalink support and letting you choose what you will display, the order of the items, and tons of other features worth checking.
The last tweak we’ll talk about is adding custom Meta tags to different pages on your WordPress blog. Using the
All in one SEO plugin you can go further than settling with a general tag for your entire site. Having several meta tags throughout the different pages on your blog will make each page’s description unique when your site appears on the SERPS, meaning more options for people to click on!
With these WordPress tweaks you will be ahead of those who don´t have SEO WordPress blogs and will get lots of new visitors for sure!

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The following is an excellent video tutorial regarding how one can use Bluetooth to hack a cellular phone by using Super Bluetooth hacking software.  Super Bluetooth Hack will make it extremely easy to hack cellular phones thru Bluetooth and turn into a Bluetooth spy. It is so simple to do.
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Video Description

The video instruction is how to hack a Sony Ericsson and a Nokia cellular phone through Bluetooth using the Super Bluetooth Hack.

Download the computer program titled “Super Bluetooth Hack” (a.k.a. “BT Info“) @

When you use the Super Bluetooth Hack, you will be able to do the following things on the “hacked” cellular phone:

1.  Read and open SMS
2.  Open their phone book
3.  Change a profile
4.  Play their ringtones even when the “hacked” cellular phone is on “silent”
5.  Play mp3’s

6.  Turn off the cellular phone or even restart the phone
7.  Restore the phone to the original factory settings
8.  Change the volume of the ringer
9.  Make and receive calls from the “hacked” phone (you can even place the call on hold and make another call)

What to do

1.) Use “0000” as the code when the cellular phones are connecting.
2.) The Bluetooth should be turned on for both phones before you begin running the BT file application.  If you don’t remember to turn it on, close out the application and run it again.
3.) Download the data file.
5.) Send and extract the Super Bluetooth Hack version 108.jar to your own cellular phone to open the file.

What to do for a Sony Ericsson cellular phone using a standard USB cable:
1. Connect the cellular phone to the computer.
2. It will mount as a disk.
3. Move the file that you’ve downloaded (Super Bluetooth Hack version 108.jar) to the following file: /MSSEMC/Media files/other/ on that disk (your phone).
4. Unplug the USB line from the cellular phone.
5. Go to the “Other” folder on the phone.
6. You will see a new application.  Install it by clicking the “Install” button.
7. The computer program is established on the place where you specify.  Typically, the file will be in the Application’s folder.

Switch the language to English:
If by chance that the software starts with “Slovencina” as the language, you now can switch it to English this way:
1. if you begin the application program for the very first time, you will see the word “Nastavenia.”
2. Scroll down until the word, “Jazyk” is displayed.
3. Click the choose button.
4. Choose the “English” for your preference.
5. Click on “More”.
6. Lastly, click the Spat” button.
7. The program is now in English.

I hope you enjoy Bluetooth hacking using the Super Bluetooth file application.  As a precaution, never unnecessarily keep your Bluetooth turned on. 

What is going on with WordPress? What is going on with blogs? In a very short time blogging has become huge not only for individuals, but also for all sorts of companies and services, and for most people, blogging is directly associated with WordPress.

If you are wondering why WordPress is the chosen platform for SEO, the answer is that it´s both very powerful and functional, but is also loved by the most important search engines, and, most important it’s extremely easy to use. This, altogether with its versatility, is what makes people and search engines happily embrace WordPress.

So here are the two essential pieces you need to join if you are starting a new company or want to offer a service or market any kind of products: SEO and WordPress. Once you’ve joined those two pieces together… the biggest part of the puzzle is done, the world is your market.

O.k. we’ve already talked about WordPress, but not that much about SEO, and you might not know what it’s all about. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It´s a technique used to give your blog more search engine attention. You no longer have to wait to get your webpage to be indexed to get it to appear on search engines. Using SEO you can get the attention you need by just posting your SEO content on your WordPress blog.

Even though using WordPress may make it easier to have a better position on Google search, unless you really concentrate on making the most of it, you won’t even be on the tenth page of Google results when a search is done.

It´s not terribly hard to rank on Google, though, you will only need to use SEO on your WordPress website, add high quality content and hard work to it, and you’ll get it for sure.

How do I use SEO, then? You might be asking yourself, it’s not terribly hard to do either, it might seem tricky, but if you investigate a little you will surely understand how it works and will be able to start applying it on WordPress.

There is no specific way of using SEO on WordPress, but WordPress does have several features that will help you.
Using tags, categories, meta information, plugins, duplicate content, and designing wisely is a good start. Getting a SEO expert to help you is a great option since SEO experts can set everything up for you to make your job easier, but you have to keep in mind you are the one who knows where you want to go with this project and who you aim at.

WordPress is a lot better than other platforms in comparison. It´s basically SEO friendly and you can configure it to take it a lot further in this and many aspects… it can even be turned into a CMS.

You now know why WordPress and SEO are such a great team and can start using them right away!

Pictaculous acquires a picture or image that you select and generates an excerpt of colorized palettes founded off of them. With an uncomplicated upload, you will be able to change a design-invigorating picture into an operational palette design.

Pull Color Palettes from Images using Pictaculous

Pictaculous produces a basic palette containing all of the colorations immediately distilled from the picture. By exploiting into the designing internet site ColourLovers and its files of user produced palettes, it indicates 5 associated coloring palettes for one’s consideration.

You will be able to use the coloration codex furnished to bestow the coloring to your preferred design application program, or you will be able to download it straight into the Adobe products by taking hold of the Adobe Swatch data file of the palette you have just now made.

For additional palette creative activity instruments look into previously examined Colors Palette Generator and Colr.  If you have additional personalized palette connected tips, internet founded or otherwise, let us hear about them in the comments sections below.

The cracking technique I addressed late last week required you to type in ten cumbersome commands that is easy to fat finger.  Although there is no simple user interface with a gigantic push button that states, “Crack” and plays the Mission Impossible theme music, a few windowed alternatives are practically more operable.

SpoonWep in BackTrack III

spoon wep cracker

With the aforementioned BackTrack III live compact disc or VMware image that I employed late last week, I got around virtually all of the commands you will pick up there and utilize SpoonWep as an alternative.  When you have rebooted into BackTrack III, from the KDE computer menu, select BackTrack—Radio Network Analysis—80211—Cracking—SpoonWep.  All that you’ll require to execute SpoonWep versus a Wi-Fi network is the BSSID and Channel SSID.

Access the BSSID in the “Victim Mac” area of SpoonWep.   Select your wireless fidelity adapter from the drop down menu list, adjust the channel, and then launch the attack.  Decrease or increase the injection range utilizing the slider.

Regarding the BackTrack IV pre-release, several commenters call attention that it tolerates many wireless cards and may crack passwords quicker than using aircrack ptw.  BT4 systematically freezes on me; however, I think it was the edition of the Alfa USB transcriber I was utilizing that induced the problem.

KisMAC for the Mac OS X

kismac mac os x wep cracking

Whenever you would like to acquire your crack on the Mac, download the complimentary KisMAC.  KisMAC can’t crack WEP on your standard built in Airport card; you will all the same, require a card that operates with a KisMAC device driver that supports bundle injection.  If you are utilizing an Alfa 500mw like I currently use, you will be able to utilize the standard USB RTL8187L driver.  From KisMAC’s Preferences drop down menu, add the device driver that works with the wireless adapter.  Scan for all of the networks and decide on the network you would like to crack.  Once you decide on the network, go to the Network drop down menu and choose “de-authenticate”.  As soon as the “Unique IVs” number is sufficient, choose Crack from the Network menu, and pick your attack.

Windows OS:  Aircrack-ng suite

From my vast experience, there is no non-command line software that you can set up on Windows to crack wireless encryption Protocol (WEP).  There are several tutorials on how to install the aircrack-ng suite for Windows and successfully running it.  I have tried a couple of them, but I quickly went back to BackTrack III.

Finally, You Recognize How to Safely Secure Your Wireless Network

Acknowledging how to crack wireless encryption protocol keys does not imply you go out and breach people’s wireless fidelity electronic networks.  It means that you have witnessed firsthand, precisely how “crackable” wireless encryption protocol keys are.  I have “acknowledged” for a long time now that the WPA is better than wireless encryption protocol, but the bridge on my electronic network offers WPA, but could not authenticate with it on my router.  It was not until I published my article last week where I acquired an updated working router.  That is the ability of examining something in action, where you have generally got to wade through blackhat internet sites.

This is an awkward matter, naturally, but thanks to every last one of you, the feedback thread from last week’s article enlightened a few of the finer points when it comes to wireless security.  To quickly recap:  Wireless encryption protocol does not in reality keep anybody away.  I appreciate MaribelAlligator’s equivalence of a wireless encryption protocol key to a home bedroom lock, the lock you can simply open by using a butter knife.  Everybody acknowledges how to unlock it, but when it is fastened, everybody that passes by realizes that they should stay out.  Glenn Fleishman equates WEP to a “Do Not Enter” sign.  A clear cut indicator that the people on the inside do not want you in, but nothing in reality will keep you out.

WPA is also “crackable”, but it is harder.  A wired electronic network is better secured than a wireless fidelity electronic network, as it is harder to link up to it.  If wiring your house is not an alternative, choose the WPA2 whenever possible.  As a lot of commenters remarked, WPA has been cracked in a few conditions as well, but it is not doe as easy as WEP.  To explain, MaribelAlligator continues with the “bedroom lock” analogy:

WPA is similar to your standard home door lock; it is a bit more secure, however, it’s all the same, easy to get in for someone with the knowledge, circumstances, and right tools.  WPA2 is equivalent to a safe at the bank.  It perhaps is conceivable to overcome, depending on how it is set up, although it is not realistically conceivable for anyone to actually do it, yet.

Filtering out MAC addresses and concealing SSID’s does not matter to those who would like to get in. A couple of commenters have stated that they have ceased transmitting their router’s SSID, and set up their MAC address filtering system that exclusively admits particular devices to associate to it. This criteria will bar those who do not recognize what they are doing, but not to those who do.

Not airing your SSID is similar to removing the address numbers off of a house.  The house is still there, and everybody can see it.  It is just a little harder to discover for those that do not know what they’re searching for already. Filtrating by MAC address is similar to having a bouncer at the main door that inspects everyone’s credentials against a list if they are allowed to enter. The sole problem is that the bouncer does not remember what people look like or call for identification, so anyone that can, will eavesdrop to hear what names are allowed in, and then admit to being the person on the bouncer’s list.

In conclusion, protect your material using several layers of protection. Whether your electronic network is wireless or wired, WPA, WPA2, or open, acquire a lot of measures to thoroughly secure your crucial stuff. Password your electronic network, perform malware and virus sweeps, run firewalls, and back up your data.  Do not swear totally on your wireless router’s password

If you have older devices that exclusively support WEP, you have to balance risk over reward. If your Play Station II only understands WEP, and you need wireless access, use the WEP while understanding what the dangers are located.

Whenever you discover yourself with longer than normal startup times after you upgraded to the new Firefox 3.5, you might have contracted a bug where Firefox 3.5 acquires the haphazardness it demands for protection purposes on Windows operating systems.

The operation postulates scanning a few temporary files (folders), searching for information typically contributed by operating system and other typical application operations. Firefox 3.5 searches for additional files and deeper subfolders for accumulated randomness, but it’s led to unforeseen events for users with excessively temporary files or folders that result in slower startup times.

How to fix Firefox 3.5 slow startups on Windows

Try builds are all the same being yielded with surefire fixes to this unfortunate bug, but several users describe a detectable improvement after erasing their Internet Temp files generated the IE and their temporary folders.

To clean out the temporary folders, check the following files and delete.  Please follow the example below:

C:\Documents and Settings\*user*\Local Settings\History
C:\Documents and Settings\*user*\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
C:\Documents And Settings\*user*\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents And Settings\*user*\Recent

On Windows Vista /7:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

To erase Internet Temp Folders, go to the Control Panel and open up the Internet Options section. In your Browsing History area, click the Delete button and check off the options and click Delete.

A few users have reported a substantial betterment after performing these small steps, even for those of you who use IE occasionally.

A fix for the problem will be available with the patch Firefox 3.5.1, which is expected to be released in the next couple of weeks.

In previous posts, I have written extensively on how Bit Torrent users can successfully increase the speed of their downloads.  In many instances, I focused on altering the options of the client to maximize the upload speed and maximizing the total number of outgoing and incoming connections.

Internet download speed meterSeveral Bit Torrent users look for the perfect tweak that will increase their download speed to their computers maximum effect; however, by selecting the correct torrents is important, and quite not necessarily the torrents used with the majority of peers.  The inventor of Bit Torrent protocol, Bram Cohen, explains the general misunderstanding in one of the previous blog postings.

“Mr. Cohen designed Bit Torrent to access the availability to download specific files from several different sources or areas.  The more popular a particular file is, the quicker a potential user will download, since most users will download the same item at exactly the same time, while these same users will be uploading data to many other users,” as Cohen writes in a previous article.

Indeed, this is an explanation that makes perfect sense.  The more users that download a torrent file, the quicker it is.  Although, this is a popular mantra, it is not accurate.  To quote Cohen again, he states that the description of Bit Torrent mentioned is “somewhere between grossly misleading and wrong.”

Bram Cohen continues to explain:  “There’s a classic fallacy because if one person stands up during a concert, they get a better view than if everybody stood up during a concert, they would all get a better view.  This is of course is not true.  They wind up slightly worse off by all standing, because they all compete with each other for a view.”

Now, how does one get the best out of Bit Torrent?  Or to state it differently:  Which torrent generally gives the user the quickest download times and which torrents perform the absolute best?  I will try and answer it as simplistically as possible for you.

The quickest torrents are those where the leechers (downloaders) tap into upload capacity.  If a user has a lot of leechers and seeders with 1,000 people in it total, it will obviously be faster when more seeders are present.  Why is that?  Seeders do not download while their uploading capacity is presently available to leechers.

Several users can understand the fundamentals.  A torrent with 70 leechers and 30 seeders is quicker than a torrent of 100 seeders and 900 leechers; however, it becomes rather confusing when different size torrents are compared.

An example would be:  a torrent with 300 seeders and 700 leechers (30% seeders) will be typically faster than a torrent with 1000 seeders and 5000 leechers (20% seeders).  Why is that?  The Swarm has a tinier percentage of total seeders.

This is a main reason why many private trackers have quick downloading speeds.  Since various users are obligated to seed as much as they can, they have torrents with over 100 seeders and typically less than 10 leechers.

If you are continually looking for faster torrents, pick up those with the best seeder/leecher ratio OR the one with the high percentage of seeders.  When you do not have a viable choice, do not complain about the slower speeds when only a few of the seeders in the large swarm.  More importantly, seed as much as you can if you do not need the uploading speed for anything else.

My very first DSLR camera was the Canon 20D.  I received the camera from my parents as a college graduation present.  They took me to the camera store where the three of us expected to purchase the 20D for $1600, but we found it on sale for $1300.  As I look back now, the 20D was absolutely the poorest photo purchase that I have ever made.

Many photographers that peruse some of the lenses and gear that I own, that inquire as to how I can afford these expensive lenses.  My biggest trick to affording these high end lenses has to do with me purchasing them off of  If you are a person that has the money to purchase your camera equipment new, I am afraid that this article will not be of any use for you.  For those of you who are struggling, and who are on a tight budget, please continue reading, as I will share with you some of my tips of finding the best deals around.

Students budget pro camera gear

One very important item I would like to share with the reader is that I keep a detailed log pertaining to all of my camera equipment transactions.  The log assists me and reminds me how much that I have spent on my camera “hobby.”  Setting up a log is quite easy, as I keep my records in a simple MS Excel file.  When I had sales and purchases to my log, I am immediately able to see how much money that I have received and how much that I have spent.

In my camera log, I have spent $3,575 on camera equipment that I currently own.  If I decided to sell all of my equipment at reasonable prices, according to my Excel file, I will have spent only a meager total of $400 to $550 since I began with my 20D back in 2005.  The main reason as to why I am at this large of a net loss is that I, like a lot of people, have made poor decisions and choices while purchasing my equipment.  If I had written this article back in 2005 before I first bought the 20D, I would have ended up ahead if I would follow the following advice.

One key point to remember is when a certain item is purchased off of Craigslist; you need to become aware as to how much it is worth.  When you come across multiple listings of a desired piece of equipment where the sales price is within the same ball park as each other, this would typically be the general street value of the merchandise.

Once you find out what the street value of the item you wish to buy, do not purchase it.  If you do purchase the item at street value, you will end up having to sell the item lower than what you initially paid for down the road.  The majority of the time when I sell an item, it will either be for the original price I paid or higher.  I have used camera bodies or lenses for extended periods of time, and many times I have sold them for an amount higher than what I have initially paid.

Another key point is to purchase items in a package deal and sell them off individually for profit.  I have several times, purchased a flash and lens combo where I paid $750 for both.  The next weekend, I turned around and successfully sold them separately:  I sold the flash for $450, and I sold the lens for $600.  In less than a week, I made $300 profit.  Not too bad for a recently unemployed college graduate.

Another tip I can give you regarding frugally purchasing camera equipment is this:  buy older models of the item that you need or want.  For example, lenses manufactured for the Nikon F and Canon EF lens mounts are completely interchangeable and also can be used on the camera bodies as far back as 1959 and 1987 (respectively of course) as well as more newer and recent models.  The lens features and quality don’t improve as quickly as the camera bodies that they are used on.  Therefore, it is feasible to use a professional lens for several years without losing its street value.  Just remember to take good care of your gear so you can get several years of good, steady use from them.

A few years ago, I sold a 70-300mm.  I included a B&W filter with it, because I felt that I no longer needed it.  B&W is a high end brand regarding their filters.  I found out later when I needed the filter later on a completely different lens, I remembered I sold it.  My point is to be sure not to include items like, additional memory cards, additional batteries, or filters when you decide to sell off some of your gear.  You can keep those items for future use, so it makes no sense to get rid of them UNLESS you decide to get out of the photography hobby altogether.  If you follow these basic guidelines I have laid out in this article, you too can become more of a budget conscious shopper when purchasing your camera gear.  Remember, there are a lot of dangers and risks that I have come across in my camera hobby, but I have also learned a lot from them.  My next post, I will share with all of you when it is smart to purchase the item or smarter to turn it down completely.  Please bookmark my blog for my next segment.

Ladyada’s project involving Microcontroller, XBEE wireless module is used to monitor the power used up at homes using the wireless module. Ladyada provides you the Kit, the Project Design and the Software to monitor the power used. Apart form the basic software to receive the input from the wireless XBEE module, it also provides you with the codes for storing this date and viewing it in the forms of graphs. The project can be found at the link provided below.

power monitoring system

The project is further extended to Tweet the power used up at homes. The whole setup would cost you less than $55. Though this might not fit-in for a Final Year Project or a College Project, this sure would work out for a Mini-Project or School Projects.

The documentation at the link provide above give you the codes and the components that you need for developing this product.

Do you suspect any unauthorized activity on your email account? Do you want to make it 100% hack proof? In most cases, the email id of the victim gets hacked and the victim has no clue. We might be thinking that all our confidential and private information are safe but in reality they might not be.

Here are some signs you need to look out for unauthorized activity on your email account:

– Emails are forwarded to a unknown email address (check your email account settings->forwarding).

– The secondary email id has changed to unknown email id.

– New emails are marked READ even before you read it.

New filters set up in your email account.

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned activities then, it clearly indicates that your email id has been hacked.

Securing your Gmail id:

Gmail has additional features like IP address logging to secure your email. So, if your account is hacked then the IP address is recorded and the next time you login, you’ll be able to see the IP address.

Gmail account hack
The above image shows the IP address of the last login. You can view the IP address of last 5 activities by clicking on Details. If the last 5 activities has any IP that doesn’t belong to you then you need to secure the email id immediately to stop further unauthorized activities.

The steps to follow:
– Change your password (make it 8 or more alpha-numeric characters)
– Change your security question and answer.
– Change your Secondary email id.
– Remove any unknown filters.
Disable POP3 and IMAP access to your email id.

This would make sure that you don’t get hacked further.

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