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Every one who uses the computer will definitely know about the VIRUS. A VIRUS is a malicious program which will run in the background and may cause destruction to your system. Some of the viruses are very risks and may even wipe of your hard disk completely and corrupt your operating system. It is always […]

Do you remember how much you paid for the laptop which you are currently using? I am pretty sure that you can get a brand new one with the latest configuration for the same price and the prices of notebooks are coming down at regular intervals. But have you imagined getting laptops at down to […]

Honeytech has posted a tutorial which describes how you can log in to Windows Xp without the help of a password. Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. This site is not liable if you mess up your operating system using this tutorial.

Dell is to provide the Ubuntu distro on its machines to customers seeking an alternative from the Windows operating system. Responding to a barrage of requests on its Ideastorm discussion board, Dell will now sell both desktops and laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed. The choice of the version is 7.04 code-named Feisty Fawn. This could however […]

So you have read tons of tutorials, guides, FAQ’s and you have some kind of image of what computer security is. The next logical step that you should make is to start learning a programming language. I’m not going to describe each language ( its advantages and disadvantages ). Instead I will focus on just […]

Chennai will shortly become the first city in the world to be totally WiMAX-enabled. WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, technology allows wireless internet access across large areas and even across entire cities, unlike Wi-Fi which offers wireless access within a smaller zone. Aircel Business Solutions is implementing the project. The project has been […]

Weighing a mere 898 grams this Carbon cased ‘type G’ Vaio lappie manages to fit in a 12.1 inch LCD screen, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, finger print reader, 512MB of RAM, 40-80 GB hard disk drives and a mighty battery life. The laptop can run for 12.5 hours on a single battery charge in stamina mode. The […]

Google has come out with a new scheme, where in they get the public to review/test their unreleased products. How? User Experience Research Program. Anybody across the world can participate in four levels: Usability study at a Google office: Typically, you will use a Google product or prototype, and give feedback on it. You could […]

Now that we have introduced you to the basic requirements to become a podcaster in the first part. We now go into the details of recording your podcasts. This can be done off the computer or by using the computer. Recording Off the computer: There are times when you want to record your music band’s […]



Radius IM is the new all ajax online messenger of the block. You can sign up into your yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, AOL and G talk and chat with your contacts in the same window. Quoting the developers ‘RadiusIM is all about location. It’s a free web service that shows you who’s around and let’s […]