Chennai goes WiMAX


Chennai will shortly become the first city in the world to be totally WiMAX-enabled. WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, technology allows wireless internet access across large areas and even across entire cities, unlike Wi-Fi which offers wireless access within a smaller zone.

Aircel Business Solutions is implementing the project. The project has been in beta trial stage. With trails conducted successfully over a period of twelve months, the system is already functional in 70 percent of the city. Over 200 SMEs in Chennai are already using WiMAX.

The remaining 30 percent will become operational withing 90 days promises Ram Shinde (Business Head, Aircel Business Solutions). Once the system successfully kicks off in Chennai, Aircel Business Solutuions will deploy WiMAX across 44 cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Coimbature, Hyderabad etc. by 2008.

I just can’t wait for this to become fully functional…

Source – Business Today

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8 Responses to “Chennai goes WiMAX”

  1. I believe this entry is not quite true. Philippines have a Wifi internet service that span over the whole country. In the theory of WiMax, it means that it is a wireless internet access that cover large area for example a city. Smart Communications as I believe integrated their whole cellsite network (which cover most part of Philippines including mountains) with Airborne Access Wifi service. Meaning anywhere there is a cellphone signal, a 384kbps internet speed can be utilize.

  2. 2 Sagaro

    The point is in India wi-fi has always been associated to a small area for example a building or a floor and not the entire city. So there you go…

  3. 3 Mark

    OK, got it. So I guess its not WiFi after all. It should also be called as WiMax since internet is being accessed through the airspace. Thank you!

  4. 4 Harshal Shah

    How do i register and use it

  5. 5 Munnabhai

    They’ve told about the SMEs (companies) only & not the entire city.

    So, I want to know whether the connection would be available inside these SMEs or throughout the city.

    What would be the charge to apply for this or do we get it for free ??

  6. 6 Kiran kumar

    Nope you are not true… Bangalore is now the first city…!

    Chennai has not got the piece of cake as of yet!

  7. i was wondering why am i NETGEAR connection in my notebook.. is it WiMAX.. has it been implemented.. does it work in places where mobile signals are jammed.. few questions!!!

  8. thank you very much for this very interesting information

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