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Greeting Bothack readers and technology enthusiasts. Thank you all for patronizing our blog. Since this blog was started back in January 2006, we have come a long way. We are barely 10,000 away from reaching the magical 500,000 visitors mark. In this regard, we plan to ramp up the look of the site and also […]

The folks behind Blogcamp, Barcamp and are ganged together to bring you India’s first un-conference on Wikis, Wikicamp 2007. All of us love Wikipedia, for the wealth of information it provides, from the movies to the mundane. Would you like to catch Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia in the flesh? Then come to […]

We are back


You may have noticed that we have not posted anything on Bothack for a while. Some of us have full time jobs, some are busy with their student lives. That could explain the lull in proceedings. We did not cover some of the major events that took place last month including Apple’s launch of the […] created by Chris and Clint, has got a webtop application that allows you to create, edit and share your diagrams online, just working inside your browser, without the need of downloading a software to your desktop. Flowcharts, UI wireframes, floor plans, network diagrams, UML diagrams etc. By adding collaborators to your work one can […]

Now this was expected, with people (espl. student community) spending most part of their internet time refreshing their orkut homepage waiting for scraps to trickle so that they can go reply back. I would say this is a fantastic move by Google. By integrating orkut to gtalk not only are they making lives of bored […]

Vox is the new free blogging platform which graduated recently from the Six Apart Lab. At first sight I knew it lived up to the Six Apart reputation. Why does VOX score? Simply for its simplicity and features. Imagine blogger + livejournal + wordpress + flickr + orkut/myspace + youtube + amazon + listables + […]

3spots has a huge collection of social bookmarks buttons which you can add to the footer of your posts so that people can easily submit/rate/share your posts. This will not only increase your reader count but also make life easier for your readers to share and organize their online data. 3spots offers you the html […]

Using this Greasemonkey script you can switch your Gmail signature based on the From address you select. It simply Combines choosing “From: address” and signature into 1 action. Gmail with different attachment icons is another hack using Stylish firefox addon which lets you add attachment icons to your Gmail account (Well at least most of […]

JotSpot a startup business oriented service allows you to create rich web-based spreadsheets, calendars, documents and photo galleries was acquired by Google today. JotSpot is as easy as using a word processor – you don’t need to know HTML. Thousands of businesses are using JotSpot to manage projects, build an intranet, share files and stay […]

There are so many wonderful movies and tv series that one might want to view in his/her mobile phone. So here is a software which exactly lets you do that: CloneDVD mobile converts your DVD movies quickly and easily into a format that your portable device (Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs […]