How To Create An Internet Hub Using A Mac


One of the most unused feature of Apple Mac OS X is the application for internet sharing that is found in System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing.  This is easy to set up, doing so would allow you to share wireless wifi connection to be shared with the other systems in your vicinity. This allows you to change your Apple Mac into a wireless internet hub. This is a step by step guide to set up your Mac’s internet connection to get XBOX 360 online without buying your wireless adapter.

The initial step is to get familiar with the Internet Sharing application provided by Mac. As described above, navigate to Internet Sharing(option listed on the left).  Once you are on the Option page of Internet Sharing, you need to know what you exactly want to do before you proceed to turning it on. As you can see at this point, you need to pick where you want the shared connection to originate and where you are going to get the output. If you are planning to convert your Mac into a wireless internet hub, you would select

Share your connection from: Ethernet

To computer using: Airport

You can play around with any of the configurations here, like changing it from Bluetooth to Airport, Ethernet to Ethernet, etc. To enable this service, you need to check the internet sharing options checkbox in the left. Doing so, you can turn your Mac into a wireless internet hub. This works great when you are roaming and you just find a Ethernet plug but you’ve couple of laptops to connect. You can at this point create an internet hub for everyone to connect to.

One of the recently found feature that I like is using the Airport connection of my Macbook with my XBOX using an Ethernet connection. I’ve been doing this for a couple of times now, and this has saved me S$ 130 if I had to get myself a wireless adapter for my XBOX 360. Here is a step by step tutorial on sharing your internet connection using your Mac to get XBOX 360 online:

1. Enable internet sharing as shown above, in System Preferences of your Mac.  Select the sharing from Airport to Ethernet option.

2. Using an Ethernet cable connect your Macbook to your 360.

3. Goto Applications > Utilities, and open Terminal application on your Mac.

4. Type “ifconfig eno” in the terminal.

5. Look for a line that shows “inet XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX” in the screen of the terminal. Make a note of this number. In my case it was

6. Get the IP Address of your wireless internet router from System Preferences -> Network -> Select Airport -> Advanced -> TCP/IP Tab -> Router.  Note this number also. In my case it was

7. Go to the menu of the Network Settings once you start your XBOX 360. Now, you would have to fill in some numbers.

8. Enter the inet number you noted from your terminal screen against the IP Address, but note that you need to add 1 to the last digit. For instance, mine would be

9. Enter against Subnet.

10. Enter the inet number against Router/Gateway.  Mine was

11. Enter the IP of your router against DNS (both primary and secondary).  Mine was

12. Leave PPPoE and advanced settings blank (default was off and automatic).

13. Test the connection and enjoy having a shared wireless internet connection to your Xbox 360 from your Apple Macbook.

If you need any assistance with configuration, please leave a comment to this and I’ll get back to you.

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