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The IEEE students chapter of Delhi College of Engineering is organising its robotics competition Radix on the 19th of February 2007 as part of its annual techfest Troika. There are 3 challenges – a land event, a water event and a bots race. Problems have been released on the their website: Other than Radix […]

All the robotics entusiats who missed the Session by Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat at IIT M during Shaastra, here is a second chance. He is touring Kerala next week. Unlike Shaastra where Dr. Prahlad displayed a few soccer playing robots with his students from the NUS, in Kerala he would give a few sessions on his […]

College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, presents “Kurukshetra 07” – a national level multi-disciplinary inter college technical festival to be held during January 4 – 7, 2007. With over 35 events, ranging from Robotics to Online Programming Contest, Business Plan Competition to the Open Kurukshetra Main Quiz, and prizes worth Rs.  9 lakhs – Kurukshetra […]

Forbes has put up an interesting list of the 25 great moments in Robotics History dating back from 140 B.C starting with the first water clock which marked the beginning of Robotics. (The date for the first moment I guess should have read 140 BC instead of 1400 BC as all the events are in […]

Here is a neat tutorial on how to build a small autonomous robot using PIC 18F4620. There are a lot of pictures and circuit schematics to help you get it done easily. The robot description isn’t uploaded completely yet. Work is still in progress, but then the important parts and circuits are put up. This […]

InvoBot – a Chennai based company, that promises to conduct workshops on robotics on a regular basis in and around the city, is kick starting this October. “Chennai has always been a hot bed for robotics, but due to the lack of mentors and specific shops for robot components, that Mumbai and Delhi enjoy, Chennai […]

BrainNet Neural Network Library – Part I – provides you with quality content on Neural Network (A field along with fuzzy logic, which is quite important these days). Learn Neural Network Programming Step By Step And Develop a Simple Handwriting Detection System. The tutorials is precise, and helps you to understand and implement the theory […]

Continuing on earlier posts that were made on robotics, here’s a website called Robotics India, an online community for Indian robotics enthusiasts. This site has news about various robotics workshops and contest held across different cities in India among other features. Go to Robotics India, for more details.

Madan has started a blog exclusively for robotics. The blog is in its infancy, but still has some interesting content in it. This blog should be an good read for all you robotics enthusiasts out there. Along with robotics tutorial, Madan also promises to provide tutorials on Parallel port and Microcontrollers. The blog is a […]

DIY helicopter


Summer is here. Holidays have begun, and here is your dream holiday project. Ben has this nice write up on how to make your own helicopter. The tutorial is pretty cool and has a page where he has put up a chart with all the components of the helicopter drawn to scale on it. Simply […]