Radix – Troika Robotics Fest


The IEEE students chapter of Delhi College of Engineering is organising its robotics competition Radix on the 19th of February 2007 as part of its annual techfest Troika. There are 3 challenges – a land event, a water event and a bots race. Problems have been released on the their website: http://www.dcetech.com/events/troika/radix.php

Other than Radix the 4 day fest will feature a host of grueling competitions. For those having acumen in designing software, Envision will provide them the ideal platform with its open and predefined problem contests. Apart from the usual events like paper presentation and hardware designing, some innovative competitions have been planned out.

Design Pro seems to be a nice addon to the huge list of events in the techfest, which might pull in the animators and designers. Spac is another new event, which will bridge the gap between graduate engineers and professional technologists.

And if all else doesn’t interest you, there is always the Junkyard wars to pit your engineering skills.


5 Responses to “Radix – Troika Robotics Fest”

  1. Get a free gift here: http://www.Toys4Free.com/23849

    This page explains everything and includes proof pictures!

  2. 2 anita patil

    I am 3rd year student.I want project about robotics.so plzzzzzz give some interesting projects.

  3. 3 harsh raj

    i want some project rllated to robot so plz send me some ideas and material

  4. Are lego robots accepted there ?

  5. wow.. very interesting

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