History of Robotics


Forbes has put up an interesting list of the 25 great moments in Robotics History dating back from 140 B.C starting with the first water clock which marked the beginning of Robotics. (The date for the first moment I guess should have read 140 BC instead of 1400 BC as all the events are in chronological order and the second frame reads 322 BC). A must read for all robotics enthusiasts 🙂

Thanks Narain!

5 Responses to “History of Robotics”

  1. 1 kaushik ramnath

    i am interested in making a project during my first year. i require your help as i have no idea as to how to go about it. i have no idea about project making. please give me some ideas about making projects

  2. 2 naman rathi

    i am a 2 year student, having keen interest in robotics
    but it is not included in our curriculum,can u plz guide me for making a good project on robotics

  3. Hay what would the future robot be like nice work

  4. its a great information

  5. thanks a lotttttt

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