Archive for November 1st, 2006

Using this Greasemonkey script you can switch your Gmail signature based on the From address you select. It simply Combines choosing “From: address” and signature into 1 action. Gmail with different attachment icons is another hack using Stylish firefox addon which lets you add attachment icons to your Gmail account (Well at least most of […]

JotSpot a startup business oriented service allows you to create rich web-based spreadsheets, calendars, documents and photo galleries was acquired by Google today. JotSpot is as easy as using a word processor – you don’t need to know HTML. Thousands of businesses are using JotSpot to manage projects, build an intranet, share files and stay […]

One of the major features why I stuck to Yahoo IM Messenger all these days was the offline messages that they offered. And now GTalk has got them too. This feature was introduced today morning. Don’t worry you don’t have to download any extra plugin or a new gTalk. Just login to your gTalk and […]

N+1th Update: I spoke with googler Sudhir and he pointed me to their press release. So there you go the results were true and so it all ends here. But I do have a few questions in mind. The press Release was at 4:44 pm, how come Aloo Techie knew it at 3:31 pm itself? […]

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) started today. The event conducted across the world every November now into its eigth year is seeing more than 80,000 authors this time. The challenge is to write a novel of 50,000 words before November 30th. There are no best novel prizes. Everyone who completes their novel is a winner. […]