Archive for November 8th, 2006

For the past few days, Geocities proved to be the most suitable playground for script kiddies and phishers. With many social engineering geocities websites popping here and there luring people to part with their user ids and passwords, it has not been a good ride for geocities. Geocities is doing its best to pull down […]

Forbes has put up an interesting list of the 25 great moments in Robotics History dating back from 140 B.C starting with the first water clock which marked the beginning of Robotics. (The date for the first moment I guess should have read 140 BC instead of 1400 BC as all the events are in […]

Now this was expected, with people (espl. student community) spending most part of their internet time refreshing their orkut homepage waiting for scraps to trickle so that they can go reply back. I would say this is a fantastic move by Google. By integrating orkut to gtalk not only are they making lives of bored […]

Vox is the new free blogging platform which graduated recently from the Six Apart Lab. At first sight I knew it lived up to the Six Apart reputation. Why does VOX score? Simply for its simplicity and features. Imagine blogger + livejournal + wordpress + flickr + orkut/myspace + youtube + amazon + listables + […]