Orkut GTalk integration


Now this was expected, with people (espl. student community) spending most part of their internet time refreshing their orkut homepage waiting for scraps to trickle so that they can go reply back.

I would say this is a fantastic move by Google. By integrating orkut to gtalk not only are they making lives of bored souls more easier and interesting but also are pitching their not so successful product to the millions of users of Orkut.

As far as the integration goes, its simple, quick and effective. (Hat Tip – TK)
A screenshot:

orkut + gtalk

Integrate GTalk to your Orkut Account(Requires you to be log into Orkut)

8 Responses to “Orkut GTalk integration”

  1. @Kranti:
    Hello! 🙂

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  3. Nice blog !! Well yea, that was a very good move by google to integrate orkut to gtalk !!

    Thats what we say- “Making things simpler”

  4. hi friend 🙂

  5. interesting post really… thanks

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    hellow everyone

  7. hi all
    interesting and useful post

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