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Last week Google had supplied few of its clients with Google Adwords Promotional Codes to help its customers get up and running with their Adwords Campaign. This Promo code would entitle you to get $50 worth Google Adwords. The only catch here is that the account using this Promo code needs to be less than […]

Python is an object-orientated programming language often used by ‘beginners’: people who are interested in programming, but get mad at seeing a part of code of languages such as C++, C and others. Note: This article is an introduction to Python. If you already know the basics it’s spoiled time reading this article. Content: 1. […]

Sick and tired of going to websites in search of your favorite ring tone? Here is a guide for composing ring tones of your interest, with a comprehensive list of 800+ tunes. Nokia phone users just type the keys mentioned in the composer. Download Guide for composing ring tones from the “Downloads” widget on the […]

Firstly let me get a few things straight: 1. This is not about “what is arp and mitm?” there are already enough articles about that in BotHack. This is merely how to do it using cain and able so before reading this article go and read some of the others so that your not just […]

When a web site is cracked, it typically tends to be a simple common sense mistake by a program author who forgets what an attacker can do with his code. By keeping good, secure practices when programming, you should be able to produce solid code. NOTE: I expect you to be a somewhat fluent PHP […]

So you have read tons of tutorials, guides, FAQ’s and you have some kind of image of what computer security is. The next logical step that you should make is to start learning a programming language. I’m not going to describe each language ( its advantages and disadvantages ). Instead I will focus on just […]



Solving cryptic puzzles can be a lot of fun, provided you know the basics of Cryptography. So here is a quick overview of basics of Cryptography – All in one. The infamous Caesar Cipher (shift, ROT) Ok, for all you cryptographers-in-the-making (and everyone else, for that matter), I have decided to give simple, yet educational […]

The objective here is to have two fully functioning mobile phones while only paying one bill. You’ll need two cell phones, one with service and another without. Now the first step is to find the secret menu on your cell. is one of the best places to find that out, just search for your […]

Hi, how many of you have felt the need to create a new wordpress template/theme and felt that the structure is too intimidating? We had the same feeling too until we realised how easy it is to create a wordpress template. (I also presented this at the BlogCamp 2006, Chennai) A few things before you […]

Overview This tutorial will give a quick and easy, and hopefully fun intro to Flash animation with the new Flash Professional 8. It is for someone who has not even touched the surface of Flash. Terms to Know Frame – All I really want you to know for this tutorial is what a “frame” is […]