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The cracking technique I addressed late last week required you to type in ten cumbersome commands that is easy to fat finger.  Although there is no simple user interface with a gigantic push button that states, “Crack” and plays the Mission Impossible theme music, a few windowed alternatives are practically more operable. SpoonWep in BackTrack […]

Ladyada’s project involving Microcontroller, XBEE wireless module is used to monitor the power used up at homes using the wireless module. Ladyada provides you the Kit, the Project Design and the Software to monitor the power used. Apart form the basic software to receive the input from the wireless XBEE module, it also provides you […]

People with a penchant for storing huge quantities of information on their computers go for hard drives with capacities of more that 200 GB. With the price of hard drives crashing now a days, people tend to stack up thress to four drives in thier desktops. Invariably, if you are using a SATA drive compatible […]

The Ipod is the world’s most recognizable mp3 player. So much that five yers after Apple released the iconic mp3 player, it’s still going strong. There’s now an 80 Gb version of the player. View the specifications here.  With all the hype and hoople surrounding the player, what customers would think of next would be […]

James Kim,’s Senior Editor is no more. James disappeared along with his family when he was on vacation in Oregon. His family was rescued two days ago but James was still missing. James’s body was found by search and rescue workers yesterday. Source   “Josephine County Undersheriff Brian Anderson said James Kim had walked up […]

Sony has launched a disc player that runs on the much touted Blu-Ray technology.  Picture source – Best Buy Blu-Ray page   What is Blue-ray? Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD), is the name of a next-generation optical disc format jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), a group of the world’s leading consumer […]

Weighing a mere 898 grams this Carbon cased ‘type G’ Vaio lappie manages to fit in a 12.1 inch LCD screen, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, finger print reader, 512MB of RAM, 40-80 GB hard disk drives and a mighty battery life. The laptop can run for 12.5 hours on a single battery charge in stamina mode. The […]

USB batteries


This is a pretty cool idea. Simply because rechargeable batteries are very common today and laptops are more common than battery recharger.  This USB battery has a flip top which lets you flip the anode to expose an inbuilt usb port which you can plug into any USB port and get the battery recharged. This […]

Google Stores


Did you know google had an Online store where you could buy products ranging from pens to towels to tees? Mugs, lava lamps, alarm clocks, laptop bags, all this and more at the Google Store at an acceptable price. Why wouldnt anyone buy it? Its google branded. All their products are super sleek. However the […]

There are many softwares/spywares to log your keyboard data. But here is a do it yourself  hardware keyboard logger. KeeLogger is a small circuit with a handful of components and simple circuit that can be assembled in a afternoon, which when connected to your keyboard cable, will log all the data on the PS/2 keyboard […]