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My very first DSLR camera was the Canon 20D.  I received the camera from my parents as a college graduation present.  They took me to the camera store where the three of us expected to purchase the 20D for $1600, but we found it on sale for $1300.  As I look back now, the 20D […]

The Fig Rig is nice accessory for budding short film makers. The Rig is designed to provide stability while using a handheld camera. If you’ve seen the continuous 90 minute takes in Figgis’s Timecode you know what prompted him to come up with this contraption. The Rig is pretty costly around $300-$400. But DIVXUSER has […]



Photojojo has a brilliant tutorial on how to make your very own panographies by using Adobe photoshop or other such photo editors. The idea is simple: Similar to the previously mentioned Hockneyizer, instead of the software clipping your images into smaller segments, here you take pictures of smaller segments and crudely arrange them out using […]

The Plugin site has got a fabulous collection of free Photoshop add-ons and plugins. Many of them are really useful and make life far more convenient especially when you are a designer from scratch kinda guy or a guy who just wants to tweak your photographs. It lists plugins for: Image Effects (37), Photo Enhancement […]

Yahoo time capsule is a nice concept to preserve our time and place… in the virtual world of course. Most of us would have seen period films. A film say Amadeus revolving around the 18th century and a film revolving in the 15th century both have casts wearing similar costumes, speaking similar language and using […]

After the grand success of the MFM awards, Nokia are now back , teaming up with Wills Lifestyle roping in the fashion photographers by celebrating the India Fashion Week. “Keep an eye out for fashion and capture it on your Nokia camera phone. From clothes to accessories, tattooes and personal style statements. Click anything you […]

For all you Photography and Electronics enthusiasts – Check out this great tutorial on how to build your very own Camera Flash Trigger



  Hockneyizer is a nice little tool to convert a photo into a collage of smaller photos giving it a stylish effect.   Hockneyizer: Create a simulated collage from a single photograph Create a unique "collage" from a single photograph. Choose one of two styles: a "joiner" style image without frames or an image created […]

MFM Awards 2006


Discovery networks Asia and Nokia come together to provide initiative to new filmmakers. The MobileFilmMakers(MFM) Awards is in its second cycle around after the first edition came to its successful conclusion in December 2005 with Janice Yu emerging as the grand prize winner. The MFM initiative, started in 2005 aimed at empowering cell phone users […]

Picture cloud is a site, which allows you to stictch many sequencial photos into one 3-d objects and integrate it to any site/blog/homepage. A picture cloud is a 3D object, shown on the web as we see it in the real world.In simple terms, a picture cloud replaces your still photo with one that spins […]