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I have heard lot of people complaining that their new site still doesnt show up in the major search engines even after weeks. Now here is a neat way on how to get the search engines to crawl your web-site as soon as your site is up online. Submit your page to the following three […]

Project Giveaway fo the Day is a new initiative to distribute some really cool and best softwares. What is the big deal? Unlike other sites which let you download a trial or limited demo, Giveaway of the Day provides you with the whole product. Everyday, one software title gets nominated. This software is available to […]

There have been lot of changes in the internet arena after the advent of web 2.0. User generated content was at an all time high and such sites produced amazing results. It was also the time when video sharing became very easy and the way we watch videos on the net took a new dimension. […]

How many of us have wished, that we get rid of the stupid old headphones and mics and wished that we speak to our friends abroad/local in the good old telephone, yet with minimal call charges? Well, the solution is here, Jaxtr. Jaxtr was developed primarily for bringing your phone into your social networks. How […]

Scribd is a cool new service that lets you upload and share your documents online. Supported formats include PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT and even more… Multiple files can be uploaded at once, and there’s no size limit. Add some description to the file and spice it up with some tags. That’s it! It’s there […]

Wishing all BotHack readers a Merry Christmas. Prezzle is the unique and entertaining way to send personalized VIRTUAL gifts and messages. Prezzle is online gift giving with a WOW. A Prezzle is the perfect last minute holiday gift. Every Prezzle is valuable because they contain gift certificates and special messages from the sender. A Prezzle […]

Zamzar is an online file conversion service which is free and offers support to a lot of file formats (Documents, Audio, Video and Images). The simple interface involves a three step process, 1) Upload 2) Set the conversion to format 3) Provide your email id (to receive the file), to get your file converted from […]

Razz Mixer is the latest to join the zillion podcasting services available online. Though it might be late to join the band wagon, it certainly registers a good impression for its simplicity and feature. Step 1: Choose sounds by dragging them from the “more effects” drawer and dropping them onto the effects buttons. Step 2: […]

ReviewMe is not only a new ads service but also an interesting ad concept. The idea is fabulous -> you have advertisers and you have bloggers. Why not get the bloggers to write about the product instead of just putting irrelevant ads on their site sidebar? At ReviewMe once you register you can order reviews […]

The new interface of Gmail is kinda sleek I would say. The gtalk integration had to pip in and the message box is now fixed length, even though the blue bar with the rss snippets is flexible width. A sleek menu bar with functions is also a nice touch to the whole compose mail funda […]