Is your Anti Virus Effective?


Every one who uses the computer will definitely know about the VIRUS. A VIRUS is a malicious program which will run in the background and may cause destruction to your system. Some of the viruses are very risks and may even wipe of your hard disk completely and corrupt your operating system. It is always mandatory to have a good anti virus package and scan your system regularly to quarantine or remove the threats. A virus stands for Vital Information Resource Under Siege. There are lot of ways the Virus can spread such as emails, external devices like floppies, compact discs, flash devices etc and so it is important to scan all incoming material before you copy it on to your system.

There are many Anti virus packages in the market and many a times you will have to pay to get the licensed copy. For years i have been a great fan of Norton Antivirus software and it has helped me to great extends in killing all those malicious things. If you cannot afford to pay for the software then you can get a free antivirus software and scan your computer. Free-protection dot com offers Free Norton Download and you can also get the Google Pack along with it. If you want some more information on this then the Norton & Google Pack Reviews will educate you and make you clear.

7 Responses to “Is your Anti Virus Effective?”

  1. I used to use Norton way back. Its too much of a resource hog for me now. Do people still use floppies?
    I havent seen a floppy disk or drive in years.
    Great Post. I just hope those who need to read it, find it and practice it.
    Education is so badly needed out there.

  2. I use Avira.

    Norton is gone. When was the last time you read about someone praising Norton ?

    I have compiled a list of free anti-virus software: Expand this list if possible.

  3. yes its great

  4. wow.. really very useful and interesting
    thank you very much

  5. wow.. really great post
    thank you dear friend very much

  6. too intereting

  7. woodall – i like your comment very much
    thank you dear friend

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