The Guide for composing Ringtones


Sick and tired of going to websites in search of your favorite ring tone? Here is a guide for composing ring tones of your interest, with a comprehensive list of 800+ tunes. Nokia phone users just type the keys mentioned in the composer.

Download Guide for composing ring tones from the “Downloads” widget on the right hand side bar of this blog.

Alternatively view it here

18 Responses to “The Guide for composing Ringtones”

  1. 1 JR

    Hey Bothack… really nice use of Google Docs & Spreadsheets !
    few tips…
    – Put your blog URL in a cell by itself so it shows up as an active link in the published version. (put the “brought to you by” part in cells to the left, which you can merge and then right align so it looks the same as now)
    – add the &single=true parameter to the URLof the published sheet so the other blank sheet tabs don’t show…
    – Rename the sheet – so it shows up as a nice title in the published version

    Have fun!

  2. 2 aa


  3. 3 aa

    adf affgfsfad

  4. 4 aa



  6., Here you can download all type of latest and old ringtones for your cell phones, at Free of cost.

  7. Hi

    Here you can find cool ringtones for your mobile phone.

  8. 8 G

    Cool stuff

  9. Hammm… Nice article… Interesting!

  10. nice new information
    good luck 😉

  11. Hammm… Nice article… Interesting!

  12. 12 paul

    how to put a dot when composing a ring tone like 2.a1??

  13. 13 paul

    Please Reply i will wait for 24hours

  14. 14 potato

    type this in on google to get free songs

    Note where says black eyed peas type name of album or artist

    “intitle:index of” Black eyed peas mp3

  15. Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings

  16. great blog i like it very much

  17. really nice info
    good luck to everyone

  1. 1 Seasonale

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