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  1. 1 Taranjeet Singh

    4/22/2005 – Cornell University ECE 476 Final Design Project “LightRover
    Thientu Ho[th243]
    David Shu[dhs25]

    I think the Project ‘LIGHTROVER’ made by Mr.David Shu [th243] & Mr.Theintu Ho[dhs25] is an excellent implementation of knowledge into practice.

    I have been so much inspired by their project that I decided to make similar kind of project for my B.Tech final Year project. I have even started working on this project & have submitted the snopsis for it in my institute.

    I am in a bit of trouble. Without the proper circuit designs of the project I am not able to implement the project in a comprehensive manner.

    So can you help me as I don’t have the EMAIL ID’s of either Mr.David Shu or Mr.Theintu Ho.

    I think I can really enhance my practical knowledge through this project if and only if
    my problem is solved.

    It is a humble request from a Techie to another Techie.

    My Email ID is: –

  2. 2 N.Raja

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I would like to study the courses about robotics application and programming, will you please guide me.

    I am from chennai and finish my Diplomo in Machanical Engineering (DME.



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  5. 5 yousuf


    Can somebody suggest me a Microcontroler based Project…

    I am a Electronics Engineering Final Semister Student

    Can anybody give me an idea….PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  6. 6 yousee


    Can somebody suggest me a Microcontroler based Project…

    I am a Electronics Engineering Final Semister Student

    Can anybody give me an idea….PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  7. Dear Webmaster,

    I am writing to ask for your cooperation.

    I have visited your site and believe it has high quality contents and an excellent reputation among the big number of people who visit it everyday. For that reason, I would like to know if you can post an article about, a new site that lets you check if your PC is infected with a virus or not. They offer two free security tools: one they call Panda Nano Scan and another one called Panda Total Scan

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    If you want to collaborate with me, just write requesting the article and I will send it to you.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards

  8. 8 hammeer

    I cannot download your freedom.It shows access has been denied. How shall I do?Can u sent me freedom?

  9. 9 dravid

    hello sir/madam;
    i am a fresh electronic engineer working as a R&D engineer.
    i would like to develope my knowledge in the embedded me to learn this technology in online. and to learn the programming in keil c.
    thanking you,

  10. 10 sajid

    hi can someone plz send me the project report for pc based home automation through sms

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Those who are interested in doing Projects in Embedded systems can contact me. I will be happy to give free guidance and project materials for the needy students. Please feel free to contact me on this number : 0 9947 577362

  12. 12 rahul kinge

    nice project sir,
    please send me ckt diagram plzzzzzzzz.

  13. i want new resurch of computer tec.

  14. 14 aksh

    i m a student of cdac noida can u give a idea about a avr aur arm project

  15. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to you on behalf of has come up with a mystery shrouded offer. A whopping 150 percent saving if you book the latest Harry Potter from their site.
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    Please do let me know.
    Looking forward to your reply,

    Warm Regards,

  16. 16 kosha

    Dear Sir,
    I am a final year student of Diploma in Electronics Enggineering.I would be really very glad if u help me out with some microcontroller based project.The project can be of BE/ level.We need a project that completes in the duration of 4to5 months.we are 3 people in a group so i need atleast that much big project that is worth doing 3 people.
    Would like to hear from you ASAP.

    Thanking You
    Kosha shah.

  17. 17 payal

    Hello Sir,
    i want a list of BE projects based on microcontrollers, GSM, GPS. plz can u help me. its very urgent.
    thank u.

  18. 18 ROHAN DAS

    Hello Sir,
    i want a list of BE projects with all the details based on microcontrollers, GSM, CDMA. plz can u help me. its very urgent.
    thank u.


    hello sir

  20. 20 chandu

    hi sir , i am very much intrested at your projects based on microcontroller. now i am pursuing my final year ………………
    can any one of you guide me in my project work….


    Dear Sir,
    I want a list of BE projects with all the details based on microcontrollers, GSM, CDMA. plz can u help me. its very urgent.
    thank u.



  23. 23 ashok

    hello sir,
    i am a final year student and i had plan to embedded system oriented projects and also like to do any ieee paper as project. please suggest me any titles and if you can please send abstract also. send me as soon as possible

  24. 24 saqlain

    hello every body…wel my name is saqlain and i am in the final year of electrical enginering and doing speciallization in telecommunication engineering…. now a days i am searching for my final year project based on wireless technologies like gsm, wimax or any other idea which u may guide me………….my email id is

    and me really need the help of intelligent people like you

    thaanks alot

  25. 25 Ben Kyegonza

    hi sir,
    thanx 4 the work you are doing i wanna do a research project on WiMAX, i want to i identify problems facing WiMAX and see they can be solved. please may u help me identify the problems. thanx i will be gratefull to hear from u.
    please help very urgent.

  26. 26 Usha

    hi friend,

    im very happy and eager to be a member of this site.
    kindly plz guide me how to become a member of this site.

  27. 27 arjun t.n

    i need to do a project for teperature sensing using pic microcontroller (16f877)and tc 74 ic can u please send me the ckt design and the program required for the purpose????????? i hope to get the details from u very soon . thank you.

  28. 28 Deepak U. Parmar

    pls send me the complete details regarding the assembly language used for Light rover project. I am final year student of engineering diploma in Instrumentation and control in goa, India.
    pls reply immediately

  29. 29 M.S.Nagaraj

    i am an electronics engineer with keen interest in helping engineering students in their project work.i have on hand several simple but interesting microcontroller based projects. those who require guidance may feel free to contact e-mail address is

  30. 30 bobby261

    dear all friend

    i want connect cdma nokia 6585 to led display microcontroler.i just want take real time clock cdma
    to show on at display led problem
    in comunicatian cdma phone and microcontroler?
    (AT command…… ?)
    my email
    thank you




  32. 32 go dj

    is there any way to get on the internet using my nokia phone without having to pay for the web service

  33. 33 neel desai

    pls give me a way to delet a orkut account since somebody(unknown) created a fake account of my sister and written all bad words pls help me i m in great troble

    pls give information on my id

  34. 34 Vinay

    we r from nit jaipur, we r about 6.
    we r planning to attend a workshop on robots basics
    in chennai. so can we know if u r conducting any course
    in dec..if so can u tell us about fee & details of courses
    and do we have a chance to choose the subjects

  35. 35 imran

    I am an electrical engineering student hoping to do a final year porject in communications. please help me in this regard.

  36. 36 durga kuralkar

    sir iam the student of electronic & electrical final year.plz send me a project related to microcontroller 8051.

  37. 37 sunny

    please give me the registration code of moyea flv to video converter at my email “”

  38. Hello sir,
    I am stydying in final year.I am searching for projects related to microcontroller and microprocessor,which is very interesting and also simple with most applicable.

  39. 39 shrey

    sir m a final year student in electronics.our group has decided to work on a project which controls traffic intensity(basically a traffic light controller) using microcontrollers..
    so i request you to guide us on this..
    n for this do we need to know MATLAB or LABVIEW..plz reply to the eariest…thanking you

  40. 40 sarah

    please can u send me microprocessor project or any electronics based project…send the brain computer interface project ad send me automatic robotics sensing the sun transmitter signal

  41. 41 sarah

    please can u send me microprocessor project or any electronics based project…send the brain computer interface project ad send me automatic robotics sensing the sun transmitter signal to my mail..please help final year student..

  42. 42 munish kumar

    plz send me the ckt & working of traffic light controller using microcontroller8051

  43. 43 devesh

    plz tell me about the vt section in delhi

  44. Respected sir
    I am karthikeyan, fresher in Electronic communication engineering (2003-2007) Under Anna University (India) at Sethu Institute of Technology, Madurai. I have lot of interest in Robotics, automation fied.and I well know about electronics, servo motors, and stepper motors drives. Have I experience in electronic circuit design. I finished many number of Project in robotics and automation. I have more innovative ideas in robotics. My developed robots are exhibited at, IIT Kanpur, MIT, Chennai, NIT Thricy, ANNA UNIVERSITY Chennai, and also won young scientist award, and participated more than 20 colleges. my Pick & Place Tele Robot project is approved and sponsored (10000) by TAMIL NADU STATE COUNSIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (TNSCST, CHENNAI).HI-FI Digitized turning machine project is approved(trec-step)and sponsored (95000) by DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (DSIR).
    Currently project is Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) using GPS (global positing system) in NAL (national aerospace laboratories) India .So I am approaching yours personally, to give an opportunity to prove my talent.
    My Resume and Project photos are attached to this mail.

    Thanks & Regards

  45. i want see my number

  46. 46 Stan

    so to wat website do u go to?

  47. 47 rojer

    hi friends & visitors
    i read the quaries to know hw much u eger to know yahoo hacking. lets try the trick
    to hack some ones pass.
    plz sign in
    compose massage send it to yahoo server
    in sub:-retrieve password
    in body:- auto[server100.98.789.100.001]%sup us&pass*^world^fecili 129~opru876~******
    someone’s e-mail id

    your e-mail id

    your pass.

  48. 48 rojer

    hi friends & visitors
    read to know hw much u eger to hack some one yahoo acount.try it to get someones password throw yahoo server.
    sign in and compose mail to
    sub:- retrieve password(forgot)
    in body:- type the code (copy paste it)
    auto.server ip []

    someone’s e- mail id

    your e-mail id

    your password

  49. 49 loveyou

    hey can u pls help me 2 hack my college security:
    command prompt:disabled
    cant run batch files
    my computer shows only my folder on server
    cant change ne setting even desktop wallpaper
    cant access removable devices(pen drive)
    login for working and for internet are different…

    plssssssssss help…….

  50. 50 edu

    i need note abut the project that microprocesser/microcontroler based remote control using telephone.


    plz hack to orkut password
    ………………………… plz send me my id

  52. 52 Steve meade

    How can i clone my samsung 870 to a sam 680 on email is

  53. 53 Dinesh

    hello, i am a final year student in electronics & Instrumentation. Now i need the program for “ULTRASONIC PARKING AID” Project because its program was not in that area. plz reply me sir……..

  54. 54 yakub

    i read your article on cloning cell phones. please advise does this work for all sims in the uk. and also you mentioned that you can make calls from a phone without the sim for free how does this work.

  55. 55 louis K

    I have been searching for some time on information for duplicating or cloning a cell phone.
    I am presently with Metro Pcs…they do not have a good variety of cell phones ….my questions are:
    1. I have a Helio Ocean and would like to use it on Metro Pcs. I have a Samsung SCH-R410 with Metro Pcs.
    2. How do I find the necessary information on the Samsung to transfer to the Helio Ocean.
    3. can you or anyone give me step by step info on the processure.
    4. THANK YOU

  56. 56 louis K

    And on the same question can I do the same cloning from my wife’s cell phone (metro Pcs) to an LG Voyager …..

    Thank you

  57. who is the webadmin of this blog. thanks


  58. 58 Vishu


    I am an Engineering student and am thinking about doing my final year project using the PIC controller. The idea that I have come up with is to do some kind of video over wireless bluetooth transmissions with the PIC. Is such a thing realizable in about 2 months? I am good at programming but am yet to read up more on the bluetooth specs. Please advise. My email is

  59. 59 supriya

    sir kindly let me know how m i to view da projects.i am a final year student from electronics and communication.i wanted microcontroller based projects,so could u plz send me da link..thanking u in anticipation

  60. 60 jazz

    hey plzzzzzzzzz help me with some project on parking system i am final year diploma engineering student of electronics branch from vesp,mumbai.I want all information on the above topic or any effective subject before 30th of this month plzzzzzzzz help me out can i get something related to hoboken garage automatic parking system???

  61. 61 TLC

    I have been reading your posts on phone hacking/cloning. I am currently on Sprint and have been given a verizon treo 650 and 700w. I am NOT trying to cheat but am simply trying to use one of these in place of my Katana II. Just seems nuts to have to buy a Sprint one instead of using the freebies, ya know. I would appreciate any help.


  62. 62 apurva

    a worthless information….it dosent work….

  63. 63 sandeep

    sir i m final year student of electronics n comm…. kindly provide some information on micro-controller based project …….

  64. 64 shakil

    i need a 4th year microcontroller based on cse project

  65. 65 anjali kumari

    sir i am in final year student of infomation technology.please provide any project related
    with electronics and java language.

  66. hello sir,

    i am a final year student of electronics&communication dept,i want details about atrtifical eye project
    plaese send to my mail.

  67. dear students;

    your search for projects ends here

    pl visit

  68. 68 raj singh

    m a student of networking(CCNA)…i want to know d easiest way of hacking an orkut account as one of my frnd very often hack my account..plz sir help me

  69. 69 jayadev

    sir i am a student of final year ECi want project on microcontrollers

  70. 70 swati rawat

    i am a final year electronic student………………i am really confused of selecting any major project. i hv submit synopsis in a day.
    i want to enquire u about a project on microcontrollers or embedded systems.
    so sir if u can , then send me some project topics with synopsis, on my email and also some project related links.
    i would be really greatful

  71. 71 swati rawat

    i am a final year electronic student………………i am really confused of selecting any major project. i hv to submit synopsis in a day.
    i want to enquire u about a project on microcontrollers or embedded systems.
    so sir if u can , then send me some project topics with synopsis, on my email and also some project related links.
    i would be really greatful

  72. 72 Varun

    hey Bothack..!Can you please send me your project on Brain computer interfacing using dsp.its really urgent please help.

  73. 73 Matt g

    how can i clone my daughters lg vx-9400 also know as the LG env2? I think this is the only option is have left because i can not find anything cell spy software that will work on her phone. She text messages all the time, i need to know what is being said between her and a few numbers. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
    matt g

  74. 74 mohd gous

    hello sir i am the student 5th sem diploma in electrical engg . and i want to complet an industrial project related to electrical engg in my group 3 peoples are there. plzzzz help me for deciding where i willdo this my cell no is.9867613932


    can any body plz suggest me final year project in embedd system……
    waiting for ur reply……………

  76. 76 rockey

    pleze mail me which software is used to hake passwords of yahoo and orkut accounts

  77. 77 ANURAG

    plzzzzzzz tll me how i can access my account. somebody has hacked my id

  78. 78 vinnie

    ok so how does this work with the phone hacking and if you get free callls what about the cust svce and the bill and all the other features and problems that might come up . who would you talk to without cust svce and wouldt they notice the sudden drop in # of calls how does it all work in the real world ?


    need patagonia clonning software , can you help


    need to use mey cell phone without chip for free calling,i live in south america, would appreciate and will return favor.

  81. 81 Syed farooq

    Please send me list of Microconrole based,GSM,GPS based project list

  82. 82 gulla

    hello sir, can you please guide me for my project. what we are doing now is we have to make a microcontroller (Master) to communicate with another microcontroller (Slave). do you know how? cause im a bit confused. please email me soon. thanks.

  83. 83 eddy

    please helppp
    my wife textd a guy 3000 time in last two months behind my back and meet him . she has a envy phone through at&t is a balackberry 8310 . how can i see her texts and hear hear calls for now on

  84. 84 triska


    Can you please give us any suggestion for our final project for uc, RFID? your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  85. 85 MFB

    Please Contact me.

  86. 86 tahir

    hi can someone plz send me the project report and ckt diagram etc for pc based home automation through sms

  87. 87 tahir

    hi can someone plz send me the project report for home automation through gsm sms

  88. 88 harsha

    i am a student of chemical engineering. i am working on a project related to gas sensorMQ-2.i want to club the sensor with microcontroller…plz guide me….
    thank you..

  89. Can I do this process with a pay-and-go phone??
    Does it matter with provider That I have?

  90. 90 prafull

    i want to read orkut scrap of any orkut member
    so what is idea for that

  91. 91 C.Wills

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I wanted to know is there a way to clone a RIM Blackberry 8310 to another blackberry without the other user knowing? For instance, to be able to receive all the text and blackberry messenger messages.

  92. Dear sir/Madame
    i want to know about robo tech. and how to make a robot?

  93. sir, i m final year stuent of instumentation and controll pls send me a project.

  94. 94 Zaki

    I am Zaki I am in final year in Electronic Engineering Can you plz suggest me a project related to PLC.I shall be very grateful to you

  95. 95 prashanth

    i want to know about projects on 8051 and 8052 implemented on fuzzy logic…please help out…thanks

  96. 96 faran

    hi ….if somebody can help me in making a ugv for any military purpose for my electronics/telecom project …i shall be very thankful….please contact

  97. 97 Gabriel Rodrigues

    sir,i am instrumentation engg. final year student i want to make a project on PLC, can you suggest some project topics giving synopsis of how to go about with it.

    Await your reply

  98. can i call u please replt to my email i sent u…..

    or any contact no to call u ???

    i cant find any sort of project detal list or anything

  99. 99 Mike

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  100. 100 JESUS PANTOJA


  101. 101 shantala

    can i knw how can we convert train of pulses from the wheel of a vehical to frquency using microcontroller 8051… mainly the programming part.or any oher alternative method

  102. 102 Rahul Rajani

    im currently in my 3rd year and was interested in doing a project in wireless data communication … somewhere in the lines of say maybe data acquisition … need as much help as possible
    will be highly greatful if u can mail me any project ideas,designs,etc
    thanx alot

  103. I am in love with my UGV !!! it looks awesome , thank you every body for help regards bilal

  104. hi this is zaheer my profile is hacked so plz……… help me to get back my id was

  105. 105 Stephanie Moore

    Is this tutorial good for smartphones like Android? My purpose is to catch a cheating spouse. I have a Samsung that is not a smartphone and they have an Android. Can this work for me? stephaniecchambliss@yahoo,com

  106. Everything is very open with a really clear explanation of the challenges.
    It was definitely informative. Your website is useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  107. 107

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  108. 108 Damien

    If someone has cloned my phone can they edit my pictures and I’m having a problem with my WiFi and Bluetooth they won’t turn on could that mean that whoever cloned my phone has it turned on on the cloned phone and that’s why I can’t turn it on from my phone please help cause this is driving my mom crazy

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  110. good verygood

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