Hacks into EPL. – I


If you are a hardcore football fan and want to know how to support your club in the English Premiership and Championship leagues online, here are some tips and tricks from Bothack courtesy a Leeds United fanatic, SA.


1. Club’s official Website- This would the first choice that comes to mind. All such sites provide up to date official news from a very formal perspective without in depth content as the club would be liable for information published here. Hence it would appear more like a press release than a fan’s eye view of events. The good points about the official sites are that they offer good packages for connecting with the club using Audio Visual format through subscription. eg. LeedsUnited.com


2. For those whose thirst is hardly quenched by the official website, we recommend, www.newsnow.co.uk, a site that provides links to the latest news of the day related to your club from all the various football websites in the available on the web. Its extensive search results returns a wide variety, ranging from major sites to informal blogs that talk about your club and it updates on a daily basis, it is a brilliant interface for any kind of football fan.


3. Another exciting option are websites run by sports enthusiasts. There are many football/sports sites started by english companies most probably , which act like colony with seperate space for every club in the Premiership and Championship. They offer fans of the respective clubs an opportunity to run the small house for their club, taking care of the newsfeeds , banners , Chatroom activites and most importantly, discussion forums and message boards. Such sites are bound to have a good Administrator who actively circulates news feed as and when any action takes place in the club. Some such suggested sites are:



Once inside, navigate to your favourite club’s page. Since the suggested sites are just picking up you might be able to take up the option of running your club’s site or being a moderator there by helping the one already running it.


4. A final most interesting option is the Pure Message Board, these though many in number online, are hard to find. When the club you choose to support does not have a well run/attractive/famous/active webspace in any Big Football Interaction cum Information related Website then such message boards are your only solace. For instance, Mancheser United’s top msg board is RED CAFÉ.NET, Leeds’ top msg board WACCOE. The unique names make them just a tad bit harder to spot online, these sites will have only a discussion forum in them but will be dizzy with activity most of the time. These are not just run of the mill sports websites with a message board and the basic difference between these and the previously mentioned sports websites is that, while those are run for profit from adsense these are pages compiled by hardcore fanatics whose only source of revenue to run the site are the paypal accounts of fellow fanatics hence one is bound to find die hard fans in such spaces.

With increasing activity in online sites and forums, management has started taking keen interest in promoting their clubs through such sites. Keep on the lookout for version two of EPL Hacks for information of live audio and video feeds online.

Hacks into EPL – Part 2

7 Responses to “Hacks into EPL. – I”

  1. 1 Footy Fanatic

    Great Work ! Thanks for the insight as i was pretty much lost in the past when it comes to the options available in the internet for one to follow this beautiful game of football !!

    Joga Bonito !!!

  2. 2 gapp

    @Footy Fanatic:
    Joga Bonito it is 🙂 Good to know you liked it.

  3. bitches

  4. i need help seriously

  5. i need help

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  1. 1 BotHack » Hacks into EPL - II

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