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This is a world of uncertainties and no one can guess what may happen the next moment. To be frank you should not thing that is a way of looking things from a negative point of view. This is a step for being cautious. For instance you might have put in a good part of […]

hi!!, came across this site called Linux from Scratch, that teaches you to build your own, customised linux from the source code. The site is very interesting and would be very useful for adventerous guys (he he). Also check the linux documentation project. The site has also documented the linux kernel.

Now a days it is hard to find a person who doesn’t have a cell phone and it has become a very vital thing. A lot of advancements have happened in the cellular arena and the cost of cell phones have also become very affordable. More than the facilities have increased a lot and you […]

This script allows php code to be run every time a certain jpg is loaded. The script below would log the IP that loaded image, the date, referer, and useragent, but it could be edited to do loads of things. Strictly for educational purpose. Just create a directory, put this php code into a file […]



The construction business in very vast and many projects will involve several thousands of dollars or even millions. At times some of the projects may get abandoned and the client may refuse to pay the expenses that have been incurred. It is always good to move legally in such cases and you may seek the […]

I am a hardcore computer user and sit and work in it for hours and hours together. Most of the people who work in the internet and the software industry are like this. Working on continuously like this will lead to a lot of disorders in the long run. Many things like neck pain, back […]

Money can be obtained by pledging any property of any form. But there are several procedures to be followed before we claim it and in case if is an ancestral property and you are the legal heir for it then you can’t get a normal loan. If you go on to a bank or a […]

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Playing in the online casino is great fun and in the recent years many such casinos have come up. For an amateur player it will be a tough task to judge the various casinos and select the best. You can check out top 21 casinos which lists the best casinos and also provides ratings and […]

Expression is priceless and many times we feel an urge to express our views to some one but we don’t find a proper medium to put it in and it dies of with time. Sharing is joy and only when you let others know about what you think it will bring in cheer for every […]

Every one wants to make big money but very few succeed in the endeavour. Success comes to those who come up with some thing new and innovative but i would say that those who improvise on the existing and capitalize the opportunities tend to succeed more. There are innumerable clever ways where in you can […]