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Are you looking for more traffic on WordPress? It’s not too hard to get, you just need some SEO tips to enhance your configuration. We will here give you the best tips for making your WordPress SEO friendly. Your best option is creating a Custom permalinks. For this tweak you simply change the page title […]

Social networking is great for keeping in touch of your friends, but what about all the time you sink into it? The effort you put into social networks can consume your day faster than you can pick friends on Facebook. Here are 5 methods to keep your life less complicated. Digsby is an excellent aggregating […]

How many of us have wished, that we get rid of the stupid old headphones and mics and wished that we speak to our friends abroad/local in the good old telephone, yet with minimal call charges? Well, the solution is here, Jaxtr. Jaxtr was developed primarily for bringing your phone into your social networks. How […]

Scribd is a cool new service that lets you upload and share your documents online. Supported formats include PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT and even more… Multiple files can be uploaded at once, and there’s no size limit. Add some description to the file and spice it up with some tags. That’s it! It’s there […] created by Chris and Clint, has got a webtop application that allows you to create, edit and share your diagrams online, just working inside your browser, without the need of downloading a software to your desktop. Flowcharts, UI wireframes, floor plans, network diagrams, UML diagrams etc. By adding collaborators to your work one can […]