VOX – A new Blogging platform


voxVox is the new free blogging platform which graduated recently from the Six Apart Lab. At first sight I knew it lived up to the Six Apart reputation.

Why does VOX score? Simply for its simplicity and features. Imagine blogger + livejournal + wordpress + flickr + orkut/myspace + youtube + amazon + listables + odeo + a lot more services bundled in an uncluttered manner for a layman to use and have fun with. The idea is definitely incredible.

Vox is for the average internet surfer who wants to enjoy the world of blogging without having to meddle with the CSS/HTML/JAVA or worrying about service integrations and those two line javascripts that one has to include in their sidebar to get those effects. Vox has a beautiful collection of templates and the template customization is ajaxed with a  minimal hand full of options such as on the fly selection of the number of columns, the arrangement of the same and the tagline for your blog.

The best feature I liked was a page in the dashboard which would let you organize your content. Photos/videos/books/music/other collectibles. You can upload your music/videos /photos or you can just access your flickr/photobucket/ifilm/youtube account and just pump those images/videos here.

It has got various levels of post status: friends only, private, protected, personal, everyone etc. and it also offers the same level of status for the comments section too. It also sports an amazing tagging system. When you tag a post on your side bar you can find a list of users who have tagged their posts with the same keywords and what more? You can send them a private message.

I quite don’t understand the motive of Six Apart on releasing Vox. I do agree it has a lot of features. But its tad bit late to enter the market. With millions of bloggers already setting foot on blogspot, wordpress and other such blogging platforms, I don’t see a bright future for Vox. What they could have done was at least copy the import feature of wordpress, so that if I wanted to shift, I could do so without the loss of my posts and comments in my previous blog. Also instead of releasing a new blogging platform, Six Apart could have integrated all these new features into their existing blog platforms namely Typepad, movable type and LJ.
Also there were a few things that irked me. All the pages had ads on it. This irked me the most. I know you guys are running a free service but hey, you can’t ruin my blog with those ads. There was no option to edit the html of the template, making VOX a good option only for the less ambitious bloggers. I would want more control of my blogs feel and looks. I couldn’t add my own services. For instance if I liked a google search box on my sidebar… nope I couldn’t do that. As of now there is no blogroll.

Vox is good enough for a newbie blogger. But not good enough for a long time blogger. If you take my advice I would suggest you to stick with wordpress. Cauze someday you gonna learn that blogging has more to do with flickr and youtube and you might not find a easier transition from your vox blog to some other powerful platform. (Hat tip – Kausik)
Final verdict: Though feature rich, Vox has a bleak future…

VOX – A new Blogging platform

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