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Here’s a cool analysis of the ICICI mobile banking application. It’s a long post, but a good read. Go here to read it.

Project Giveaway fo the Day is a new initiative to distribute some really cool and best softwares. What is the big deal? Unlike other sites which let you download a trial or limited demo, Giveaway of the Day provides you with the whole product. Everyday, one software title gets nominated. This software is available to […]

How many of us have wished, that we get rid of the stupid old headphones and mics and wished that we speak to our friends abroad/local in the good old telephone, yet with minimal call charges? Well, the solution is here, Jaxtr. Jaxtr was developed primarily for bringing your phone into your social networks. How […]

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Robert Scoble says the print version of the newspaper is doomed.  Well, not everywhere Robert. Popular blogger reels from death threats that forces her to miss key conferences. Helios launches alternative to Iphone. Mount a Windows shared folder on your Mac. From Lifehacker, one of my favourite blogs.

Forbes has put up an interesting list of the 25 great moments in Robotics History dating back from 140 B.C starting with the first water clock which marked the beginning of Robotics. (The date for the first moment I guess should have read 140 BC instead of 1400 BC as all the events are in […]

3spots has a huge collection of social bookmarks buttons which you can add to the footer of your posts so that people can easily submit/rate/share your posts. This will not only increase your reader count but also make life easier for your readers to share and organize their online data. 3spots offers you the html […]

Mr. Sang Shin who works for the Sun Microsystems is offering a 10 week free course on AJAX programming. The course is already half way thro’ (It started from August 4th, 2006) goes on till December 8th, 2006. All the late comers don’t worry cauze the course material and tutorials till date have been archived […]

Yahoo time capsule is a nice concept to preserve our time and place… in the virtual world of course. Most of us would have seen period films. A film say Amadeus revolving around the 18th century and a film revolving in the 15th century both have casts wearing similar costumes, speaking similar language and using […]

Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped sneak peaks into Google’s internal Gdrive client – Platypus. He says “Please note that Gdrive, from what it looks like, is not a product for general release, but a way for Google employees to store and share files” Interested??? Get the scoop here. Technorati Tags: google, gdrive

Treo users can now rejoice Google’s new service – Google Maps in Treo. Well not exactly anew service, but this one, google claims: “We think this is the fastest, slickest version yet, with draggable maps and translucent pop-up balloons that don’t hide the map.” There are two ways for Treo users to download Google Maps: […]