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Mr. Sang Shin who works for the Sun Microsystems is offering a 10 week free course on AJAX programming. The course is already half way thro’ (It started from August 4th, 2006) goes on till December 8th, 2006. All the late comers don’t worry cauze the course material and tutorials till date have been archived […]

Textual description of a match is still to static in nature, especially for a sport like football and for those who share this opinion are the ones the Second edition of EPL Hacks is for. It deals with obtaining radio links and videos of matches online.   Radio Link – There are two ways of […]

If you are a hardcore football fan and want to know how to support your club in the English Premiership and Championship leagues online, here are some tips and tricks from Bothack courtesy a Leeds United fanatic, SA.   1. Club’s official Website- This would the first choice that comes to mind. All such sites […]



WhatTheFont?! is an extremely useful online application, especially for graphic designers. Ever seen some text and wondered what font it was in? WhatTheFont does precisely that. You can upload any image that contains text, and it automatically detects the font just by character recognition from the picture. I tried it out for a few images […]

This is a problem faced by many Firefox users. After updating Firefox to either version or, the DOM inspector and Talkback extensions do not work. The error message is “Disabled – not compatible with Firefox” (or This problem can easily be rectified. All you need to do is delete the files […]

So Google SketchUp is here and looks awesome. It has a lot of features and you want to learn more, but are unable to find the starting points. Here is a website which gives you a detailed mapping of various resources to learn and understand SketchUp. There are some excellent narrated Flash tutorials about SketchUp […]

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It was Flickr, Now it is Tech. Yahoo is gearing up for what seems to be an eternal battle of services. The latest Weapon in Yahoo's arsenal is Yahoo! Tech. Yahoo!Tech is probably the best place to find anything and everything you want to know about the gadgets in the market. Yahoo!Tech Compares the cost, […]