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The Bothack team is proud to come up with this simple 1 minute podcast… Listen to it and enjoy 🙂 Update: We won the first place for the podcasting event 🙂

Post lunch, rested and relaxed, after much trouble trying to screen the skype video Scobel finally turned up on the big screen. BlogCamo im sure is very grateful to Scobel for sacrificing his slumber to address an excited audience. Questions were typed out to Scobel from the audience and from IRC feed. Bloggers were all […]

Blogging in Bengali or as a matter in any other regional indian language requires a person to put a lot of effort says Aparna Ray a regional language blogger and a contributor to Global Voices. The contribution of regional blogging is growing but the unavailability of a fixed key map and the limitations foced on […]

Prayas Abhinav is giving a talk on “Possible Open Content Strategies For India – why What You Share Is What You Are“. That is a huge topic, but pretty interesting one. Why? Today most blogs/sites are dumped for the very reason ‘content theft’. Prayas believes Creative commons license will work in India, since mostly its […]

Robert Scoble, arguably one of the world’s best corporate bloggers is up on skype to present to a very eager audience. Aww! last minute hickups are a torture always and the same has happened here. Watch this space… will be updated soon.

10:00 am: The day started out pretty sluggish, with guys not getting enough sleep over the last night beach house party. Kartik Kannan gave a good talk on marketing via blogs. It was pretty interesting. Then continued the session on Blogging for Indian Politics by Veena of SGS Technologies. I took to the rule of […]

Bhasker V Kode (Bosky) discussed about the basics of Ajax and Twidgets in his session. He introduced to the crowd in the conference hall, a few of the widgets that he created, which makes the blog more dynamic in nature. Bhasker who suggested that the trend of the current web is going towards widgets and […]