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The service is free and works with more than 200 different phone models. It’s very simple to get started, just sign up on, select your mobile phone model and in a matter of seconds you will receive a message (SMS) that automatically configures your mobile to your ZYB profile. “If you are afraid of […]

For all you Photography and Electronics enthusiasts – Check out this great tutorial on how to build your very own Camera Flash Trigger

Imagine tracking 400 Indian blogs in one page. Yes! Just one page, no clicking, no browsing thro’ ten pages figuring out what to read. All in just one page. – Samachar [Site still in Beta so bare with redirection] For More scoop on why Samachar:

Build your Symbian C++ applications and reach out to more than 50+ million S60 devices out there! True to which, “Forum Nokia S60 Tech Day” promises to be an event filled fun and excitement for Geeks all over Asia. Slotted for its grand opening on 19th of September 2006, this two day event will be […]

I find that desktop and online blog editors and publishers like Qumana and Performancing Fox are unable to automatically configure the all new Blogger Beta. When you perfrom the same actions you did for your normal blogger blog in Qumana you get an error stating “unable to integrate Blogger API” All you have to do […]

is pretty impossible. There is this nifty tool which lets you compute how many years it would take one to exhaust/catchup with the gmail storage page which by everyday is increasing by .33 mb. When Will You Run Out Of Gmail Storage Space? Tags: google, gmail, fun



Radius IM is the new all ajax online messenger of the block. You can sign up into your yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, AOL and G talk and chat with your contacts in the same window. Quoting the developers ‘RadiusIM is all about location. It’s a free web service that shows you who’s around and let’s […]

Oops! Looks like Google got it on again. And this time its the Microsoft related search engine feature. Google has released a search service which will get you results from withing Microsoft sites. This seems to be a good will support to Microsoft from Google: Don’t do Evil. or is it? Google Microsoft Technorati Tags: […]

Textual description of a match is still to static in nature, especially for a sport like football and for those who share this opinion are the ones the Second edition of EPL Hacks is for. It deals with obtaining radio links and videos of matches online.   Radio Link – There are two ways of […]

If you are a hardcore football fan and want to know how to support your club in the English Premiership and Championship leagues online, here are some tips and tricks from Bothack courtesy a Leeds United fanatic, SA.   1. Club’s official Website- This would the first choice that comes to mind. All such sites […]