Become A pro Podcaster: Part 1


Many of us know what a podcast is and many of us know what the technology involved behind it is. But the reason why most of us dont take to podcasting is because of the fact that we do not have a proper idea as to how to go about making a professional type podcast. Starting today Bot-Hack will continue a set of posts on how to create edit and publish your professional type pod casts with out requiring to know anything about sound engineering.

First off a few feel gooders:

  • A professional podcaster is one who has entered a field before you do.
  • Experience required to make a professional podcast: 10 minutes.

In this part we shall discuss the basic requirements to make a good podcast.

A good microphone:

A good microphone is must for a good podcast, the quality of your podcasts depend on the quality of microphone you use. There are lots of different kinds of microphone types: dynamic, condenser, ribbon, boundary, binaural, M-S and more. There are a myriad of pick-up patterns, different-sized diaphragms, variations in frequency response, sensitivity, self-noise, susceptibility to handling noise, wind or plosives. The possibilities can boggle the mind. Basically, they are all devices to convert sound pressure levels into an electrical current. Even though an ordinary Web mic will suffice,here are a few mics that are worth the money to make studio quality podcasts:

  • Samson CO1U USB Condenser Mic
  • Marshal MXL 990Condenser Mic
  • Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic

A Good Headphone:

A headphone is vital while making your podcast and while editing it. While making a recording you would like to listen to yourself speaking at the same time your microphone must not pick up a feedback, this is where the Headphone comes in. If you are smart, then this is the place where you can reduce on money. You will not be requiring a super good crystal clear headphone (Read Bose QuietComfort). A normal headphone that can cover the entire ear is more than enough.

Software: If you have money then

If you dont have the money then

A Podcast Publishing account:

A list of which has already been featured on a separate post in Bot-Hack. Apart from all these, you need a good script and a liberal dosage of enthusiasm to get rolling into the world of podcasting.

Await for the second post in this series.

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16 Responses to “Become A pro Podcaster: Part 1”

  1. I don’t agree about the micropone/headphone or software for podcasts. Content is the key, having something to say and a message to get over is more important than the technology, in my opinion.


    The Banburyshire Brolly podstation

  2. 2 Mark Isuak

    this article was written for people who obelieve that they have a reasonably good content and who do not posses the technical knowledge to go about making a podcast. We are giving away basic tips for such people in this article, to help them develop their creativity.

  3. 3 Jack Dundee

    I purchased the Samson C01U from a few months ago for $99. It is a very nice piece of hardware. I have had good success with a USB based headset from Sennheiser (models PC 155 and PC 165). The audio it produces sounds clean and natural.

    I originally started using Audacity but lately I’ve been using WildVoice Studio. Unlike most other recording software available, this looks to be designed with the podcaster in mind. As an ex-college radio jock, using this software feels very familiar to producing a radio show.

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  9. great job

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