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Best of the Blogs contest ( involves putting together a catalog of blogs on a variety of topics that are actually worth reading. Here is your chance to add your favorite blogs and podcasts to the list, so that the whole world can also know your tastes and benifit from it. Only three more days […]

The Bothack team is proud to come up with this simple 1 minute podcast… Listen to it and enjoy 🙂 Update: We won the first place for the podcasting event 🙂

FireFox is holding a competition where you are required to create a 30-second ad, animation/live action, that brings Firefox to life. The idea is to spread firefox around the world to the millions who are still unaware of this marvelous browser. If after watching your A, the audience is intrigued enough to download and use […]

In just 6 months on the web, Instructables is now by far the most popular site for showing how you make stuff. Want to show the world how you made your next project? Instructable-ize it! Now the good stuff – They’re having an Instructables Project Contest! There are lots of awards and prizes. The contest […]

We’ve got a GREAT contest to tell you about – one that offers bloggers a chance to win a slew of prizes just by getting creative with your photographs and snapshots. has joined forces with some friends that gives you a chance to show off your “story-telling” abilities using the super-easy photo-sharing service, […]

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I have always found it difficult to sell my things online. For one, there was never a good place to publish ads for my things and two even if there was a good place for my ads, it cost me a lot of money. Stumble Here came to my rescue. I am happy I stumbled […]

There have been lot of changes in the internet arena after the advent of web 2.0. User generated content was at an all time high and such sites produced amazing results. It was also the time when video sharing became very easy and the way we watch videos on the net took a new dimension. […]

The IEEE students chapter of Delhi College of Engineering is organising its robotics competition Radix on the 19th of February 2007 as part of its annual techfest Troika. There are 3 challenges – a land event, a water event and a bots race. Problems have been released on the their website: Other than Radix […]

Adobe India is conducting a contest for students (Adobe Developer Olympiad) on the development of Rich Internet Application using Flex /ColdFusion technologies. The objective of this contest is to get the student community excited about Adobe’s RIA products and bring out innovative ideas. This contest is open to any student of a recognized university in […]

College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, presents “Kurukshetra 07” – a national level multi-disciplinary inter college technical festival to be held during January 4 – 7, 2007. With over 35 events, ranging from Robotics to Online Programming Contest, Business Plan Competition to the Open Kurukshetra Main Quiz, and prizes worth Rs.  9 lakhs – Kurukshetra […]