The Vloggies – November 2006


vloggiesThis November PodTech introduces the first edition of the Vloggies. What is Vloggies? Well simply put, it is the Webbies for Video Bloggers.

The Vloggies Awards recognize individual and business excellence in creativity, quality and delivery of online video content. Most importantly, the Vloggies celebrate the growing community contribution to original video content for the Internet and portable media device.

So on the 4th of November 2006, PodTech will award deserving Vloggers all around the world in a number of categories.

Featured Categories:

Evaluated on presentation, storytelling and entertainment value.

Best Vlog, Best male and female Vlogger.

General Categories:

International: Vlogs from outside the United States.

Comedy: Vlogs dedicated to comedy and humor.

Tech: Vlogs about technology and those involved in technology.

News: Vlogs delivering general news and interviews.

Parody: Vlogs presenting satire by mimicking an existing format such as a news show, soap opera, sci-fi movie, or other.

Political: Vlogs about politics and current events.

Gastronomy: Vlogs about food, drink, restaurants, diets and cooking.

Music: Vlogs presenting music or about music and musicians.

Personal: Vlogs presenting personal stories from the individual vlogger.

Corporate: Vlogs created by corporations about their company or product.

Social Awareness: Vlogs about social issues and movements.

Community: Vlogs focused around a specific geographic location, area, or community of interest.

Group Vlog: Vlogs presenting content by more than one contributor.

Travel: Vlogs about travel.

Online Tools: Online tools used for vlog creation, sharing, and distribution.

The good thing about Vloggies is that, it encourages people to start their video blogs soon. Generally people in India hesitate to vlog for:

1) The Bandwidth and internet speed is a huge problem.
2) People don’t know how to face the camera and talk into it.
3) Editing the video is a huge mess when compared to editing a draft document.
4) Most importantly no ‘kick’ to start a vlog.
5) Lack of good equipments.
6) Lack of time.

I know so many Indians who use youtube and google videos and upload their original content, but refrain from vlogging it. This is an awareness issue. Vlogging isn’t popular in India. People prefer watching youtube videos, rather than visiting a ameture video bloggers site.

All said and done, Vloggies sure seems to be a fine answer to ‘why we must start vlogging?’. Also vlogging increases your creativity and your mobility. For once you would have to move from your chair, go around places and get content for your (v)blog.

If you are new to vlogging I suggest you join this yahoo group.

  1. Make a videoblog. Freevlog explains how to videoblog for free. Feevlog explains how to videoblog for a fee. (Typepad and are simple turnkey options).
  2. Use FireAnt or mefeedia to subscribe to and watch other people’s work. Dont forget to comment and link to the videos you like.
  3. Add yourself to the Vlogmap.
  4. Add yourself to the FireAnt directory, the Mefeedia directory and Vlogdir, the three public videoblogging directories.
  5. Then let the group know where to check out your videoblog and the feed to subscribe to.
  6. You can also visit one of the Videoblogging centers.

The Vloggies
November 4, 2006
Swedish American Music Hall,
San Francisco, CAlifornia USA

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4 Responses to “The Vloggies – November 2006”

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  2. We like your blog, it has good content, Thank you!

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