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Adobe India is conducting a contest for students (Adobe Developer Olympiad) on the development of Rich Internet Application using Flex /ColdFusion technologies. The objective of this contest is to get the student community excited about Adobe’s RIA products and bring out innovative ideas. This contest is open to any student of a recognized university in […]

Generators are one of the exotic features present in python which makes it a very,very high level programming language.Generator, simply put, is a python function with keyword yield in it. The yield keyword will suspend the function’s execution,remember the state of all the local variables and will yield a value,unlike a normal function which will […]

Justin Rudd has a funny account of his experiences attending Amazon’s interview. A snippet The next day, I get a call from a senior developer. He explains what the process will be and how long it will take. The very first question – why do you want to work at Amazon? Now I knew this […]

When a web site is cracked, it typically tends to be a simple common sense mistake by a program author who forgets what an attacker can do with his code. By keeping good, secure practices when programming, you should be able to produce solid code. NOTE: I expect you to be a somewhat fluent PHP […]

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Digg your favorite wordpress posts. Gears of War sweeps awards at the Game Developers Choice awards. No patches this month, says Microsoft. Search engine to rival Google and Yahoo(what?) in the pipeline, says Jimbo Wales of Wikipedia. Microsft takes potshots at Google over intellectual property. Ugly ethnic video wars among the Greeks and the Turks […]

After months of waiting, it’s finally here! Firefox 2.0 – get it now As for changes, at first glance it’s got a whole new glossier (web 2.0-ish?) look. The main change that I noticed over the previous version is that many features like the tab manager and session restore which were available as extensions earlier […]

Google has come out with a new scheme, where in they get the public to review/test their unreleased products. How? User Experience Research Program. Anybody across the world can participate in four levels: Usability study at a Google office: Typically, you will use a Google product or prototype, and give feedback on it. You could […]

Microsoft launched the “Microsoft BlogStars” contest recently. The idea is simple, get a blog and post content related to Microsoft products/technologies. Microsoft presents the “Microsoft BlogStars” contest – hunt for the best developer bloggers in India. Create greater impact in the vibrant developer blogger community, showcase your thoughts and experiences around Microsoft technologies and technology […]

Build your Symbian C++ applications and reach out to more than 50+ million S60 devices out there! True to which, “Forum Nokia S60 Tech Day” promises to be an event filled fun and excitement for Geeks all over Asia. Slotted for its grand opening on 19th of September 2006, this two day event will be […]



Radius IM is the new all ajax online messenger of the block. You can sign up into your yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, AOL and G talk and chat with your contacts in the same window. Quoting the developers ‘RadiusIM is all about location. It’s a free web service that shows you who’s around and let’s […]