This is simplicity and performance defined. Mplayer is an excellent media player. I don’t know if there is any file type that it can’t play. Very convenient for viewing videos, but can play audio too. It takes up very little memory. It just plays the video and closes at the end of the video. The different functions are operated through the keyboard. The main download does not have a GUI so I don’t know how many people may find it convenient. But once you know the keys, it’s a snap.

Space – Pause

Left and Right Arrows – Rewind and Fast Forward

O (once, twice, thrice) – Time so far, Total Time, remove Time

I don’t think any other commands are needed but you can find the full command list here.

GUIs have been added recently and you have to download them as skins. But most people who have used Mplayer prefer the keyboard interface and the GUIs themselves are very stripped-down and oversimplified.
Mplayer is open source and is available for all platforms.

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