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These are websites which have a list of packages and from where you can install missing packages or update existing packages for SUSE (Refer Previous Article). There are a number of such repositories. You can find a BIG list here Refer the previous article for learning how to add these repositories as installation sources. Enable […]

For all those who have SUSE 10.0! Were you frustrated when u realised that you couldn’t play your favourite mp3s? Or that all support for Java, Flash and Acrobat Reader has been withdrawn? Well, here‘s the perfect guide for you to set it all right. Instructions have been given to set right all of the […]

Ares Galaxy


Ares Galaxy is the ideal software for locating any genre of music you want to download. Ares Galaxy is a free and small sized p2p software developed based on the old kazaa gold platform to enable music sharing between its various users, apart from music files it can also be used to transfer other commonly […]